DJ Radio - A-Town vs. H-Town: Atlanta vs. Houston (Face Off Pt. 6)

Rap's biggest Southern hotbeds from the past two years are exposed
by DJ Radio, as he matches Houston vs. Atlanta on this battle of the
hottest hip-hop regions from 2004 and 2005. Highlighting the headliners
from each state, this mixtape brings you new music from ATL's T.I., Lil'
Jon, Franchize Boyz, Scrappy, Jeezy & DJ Drama and H-Town's Kiotti,
UGK, Koopa, Scarface, Slim Thug, Lil' Flip, Paul Wall & Swishahouse...

ATLANTA aka. A-Town

1 - Intro
2 - T.I. Freestyle
3 - Slick Pulla Freestyle
4 - Replacementz Freestyle
5 - T.I. feat. B.G., Young Jeezy – I’m Straight
6 - Lil' Scrappy & Young Buck - Money In The Bank remix
7 - Bohagon feat.Crime Mob, D4L - Wuz Up
8 - Young Dro feat. T.I. - Should Lean
9 - Young Joc - Goin Down
10 - Lil' Jon feat. Sean Paul, E-40 - Snap Yo Fingaz
11 - DJ Drama feat. Busta, T.I. - Cannon
12 - Dem Franchise Boyz feat. Juelz Santana - Show You (produced by Green Lantern)
13 - Young Jeezy - Ya Dig
14 - Berg feat. Bun B - Hold Up
15 - Gucci Mane - Go Head
16 - Rico Love feat. Jody Breeze, Bo Hagon – I’m a Pimp
HOUSTON aka. H-Town
17 - Kiotti Freestyle
18 - Kiotti - Phone Song
19 - Chamillionaire feat. Papoose, Jae Millz - Ridin Dirty (East Coast remix)
20 - Lil' Keke feat. Paul Wall & UGK - Chunk Up The Duece
21 - Pimp C feat. Bun B, Paul Wall - Hold Up
22 - Slim Thug feat. J.R.Writer - This Shit is Funny
23 - Bun B feat.Papoose, Shaq – Can’t Stop The Reign 2006
24 - Paull Wall feat. B.G - Deuces Up
25 - Lil' Flip feat. Paul Wall, Twista - Breakin Bread (produced by Breeze)
26 - UGK feat. Mike Jones - Pourin Out
27 - Mike Jones feat. Big Kountry, Young Dro - Ol Skool
28 - King Mello feat. Mike Jones - The Truth
29 - Killla Kyleon feat. PostaBoy, Chops - Laughin All The Way To The Bank (produced by Chops)
30 - Scarface, Lil' KeKe & Coota Bang - Gangsta
31 - Brooke Valentine feat. Pimp C - Dope Girl



I can already tell you that H-Town straight up won this battle. There's no comparison...


yep you tell em boya
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Your right.... H-towns wins

Your right.... H-towns wins this battle ~What did the five fingers say to the face?..... Slap!!!~

fuck A-town

H-town all day nigga-713)

Fucka H TOWN!

Shit real in the A pussy niggas, fuck that cowboy ass shit
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nigga beta listen

u is a bitch !! fuck u and tha (A) yall niggaz need to take tha dick out yall booty and stop all dat dancin shit bitch!!! we sum hood niggaz we dont dance ova here muthafucka!! get tha fuck out here wit all dat dum shit *texass_boii* H-townn* FUCK ATLANTA BUNCH OF PUSSY NIGGAz FEELIN EACHOTHER

u got dat right

ye i mean come on A towns got fools like T.I, luda & lil jon. when you got gangstaz like swishahouse & lil flip etc. wow come on really there is no comparison niggas

I don't know dude, Paul Wall

I don't know dude, Paul Wall doesn't seem that 'gangsta' to me

RE: Paul Wall

I think Paul Wall got a few sick verses under his belt. But Jeezy and T.I. stole the show with this one.

We'll See

I don't know about all that... T.I. and Young Jeezy are gonna bring it regardless. I'd put them up against Mike Jones and Paul Wall anyday... however they're good too. I'm just excited to hear some good music from this tape.

H-Town is too lyrical for

H-Town is too lyrical for A-Town


what are you serious...ima h-town fan till i die but i would never put t.i. and jeezy against dike jones and paul wall...ti would win by himself...mike jones is the sorriest..SORRIEST...rapper coming out of can't be hard and be a tight as lyricst when you repeat your damn bars about 3 times...and that's not even including when he says his name...shit and paul wall..he's tight don't get me wrong but his vocabulary dropped harder then enron when him and chamillionaire split up...that fool is not the same...if anything i would put Chamillion and either lil flip, slim thug, or bun b to go up against ti and jeezy...that would be a better battle...but anyone from the south down in texas knows cham would take it alone..only nigga giving cham a run right now is the best rapper alive....WEEZY F BABY..."the south got kings but there's only one boss and THAT'S ME"

Damn dis a good 1

I think H-town got this one.....dont seem fair cuz they got guest spots from niggaz like papoose, twista, jae millz, AND got niggaz from the A-town on some tracks

A-town takes it

A-town takes it

wuzz up

am from that h town and i know how we do it over here we jammin and hustlin muzic every day> we got it houston

Anyone know where i can find

Anyone know where i can find tha link to download this torrent? I can't find it here or at

ye me neither

ye me neither


Where's the attachment for this to be downloaded?


where i can d-load this mixtape ???


Yeah I wanna download this shit and listen to H-TOWN wreck A-TOWN.

caint find this shit!

yeah, i need to get this on but i cant find the torent, can someone help please. thanks.


i NEEEEED this so if anyone can get it to me, please let know.

Can somebody upload the

Can somebody upload the mixtape! asap.

i hold it down for htown

i hold it down for htown

where the rest?

ludacris aint even come out for atl makes no sense not even jermaine dupri old-self; where the hell is z-ro at on htown side? what about c-note? what about spm? what about the dead people like big mello or big moe? well, i guess pimp c counts. what about tight eyez? big pokey? 5th ward boyz? ghetto boys? mike-d? lil' o? youngstar? you left a lot of people out for h-town idk much about atl p.s. fuck shittahouse

Where's the torrent?

Damn, I've been looking for this shit for a good minute. I find it, but the torrent is GONE.
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