Hip Hop Charts - March 9th '06

In this week's hip-hop charts the curtain closes on the top 10 for Eminem, the Black Eyed Peas keep it moving, and Dem Franchize Boyz exit the top 15.

Making a drastic fall to No. 13 this week is Eminem. He has brought his blazin' smoke-out to a simmer, but is still in the top 15 after 13 weeks. This week, Curtain Call has rounded off its digits to 54,972, bringing the grand total to double-platinum status at 2,065,963, according to Nielsen's Soundscan.

Two spots under is The Black Eyed Peas' Monkey Business, falling two spots this week to No. 15. This week, the business managed to move 47,768 units, and an overall CD count of 3,471,155.

Two slots below are Dem Franchize Boyz, slipping a bit to claim the No. 17 seat this week. The So So Def foursome is still leaning mean on the scene, rockin' the airwaves and maintaining top-ten video rotation. The endless 4-week success has brought On Top of Our Game to 255,444 CDs thus far, with 43,087 standing as the album's week-in total.

Moving up four slots this week is Matisyahu, still making the chase at No. 30. The reggae artist is still pushing for gold status with his album Live At Stubbs selling 458,289 discs to date. This week, he has managed to squeeze out 31,953 units.

Next up is Sean Paul, workin' up a sweat at No. 31. The dancehall star has blown the thermometer to smithereens this week, blasting the heat to a full-fledged 31,685. The Trinity is sick with a fever after a blazin' 24 weeks, sweating bullets at 663,673 in total.

Hot and bothered at No. 42 this week is Nelly with Sweatsuit. The sluggish sales have finally hit official gold status after 15 weeks on the charts. He moved an additional 21,543 units this week, bringing the LP to 503,482.

Jumping to ladder No. 49 this week is Lil' Wayne. The fireman has stepped it up six spots, making moves with his newest single "Hustler Musik." Wayne is enjoying success with Tha Carter II, flipping units like hotcakes at 797,623 in total. This week, the hotboy has managed to bang out 18,974 discs.

Coming in at No. 50 this week is the Notorious B.I.G. The Brooklyn heavyweight has smashed out a notorious 930,109 copies, with 18,926 CDs sold this week.

Not moving an inch this week is Daddy Yankee, repeating last week's performance on the charts at the No. 57 seat. The Boricua is still in it for el barrio, breakin' down 17,306 units this week. After 12 weeks, the reggaeton rep has moved 445,295 near-gold copies.

Struggling to keep the fire blazin' this week is Kanye West, slipping a tremendous nineteen spots to No. 58. However, the controversial Kanyeevil is still flying high, pushing 17,298 more units this week. Late Registration has circulated a total of 2,644,626 copies thus far, with "Touch the Sky" still in heavy rotation on the radio and video scene.

Finally, Chamillionaire rides, Young Jeezy traps the 'hood, Three 6 Mafia pops their Oscar, and D4L brings it back. Making a comeback on the charts is Chamillionaire, resurfacing to snatch the No. 60 spot. The southern rapper is back with his new single "Ridin,'" featuring Bone Thugz N' Harmony member Krayzie Bone. This week, Cham has moved 16,690 copies, bringing the vigor on full force at 537,848 discs spent in total. Seven spots deep is Young Jeezy, clinging to the hip-hop charts at No. 67. The Snowman is living up to his motivation motto hard-core, representing Let's Get It with 1,494,682 CDs sold to date. The Def Jam trapstar has ended the 7-day cycle selling 15,456 more copies. Three 6 Mafia is on top of their game this week after winning an Academy Award at the Oscars this weekend for their song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." This week, the catchy single "Poppin' My Collar" is still bringing in the biz, holdin' down the 3-man crew with 15,286 discs sold. The total for Three 6 reads at 689,104. D4L is back again, bangin' it out with 388,245 units pushed thus far. The ATL foursome has been on the scene with "Betcha Can't Do It Like Me," hitting the end of the week with 13,748 copies moved.

Source: www.SOHH.com