Mistarello.Com - Touch It RnB Vol.6


1. Ciara Feat. R. Kelly & Busta Rhymes - Promise (Remix)
2. R. Kelly Feat. Lil Wayne - Make It Rain (Remix Verse)
3. Chris Brown Feat. Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Popin (Remix)
4. Musiq Feat. Ja Rule & Fat Joe - Buddy (Remix)
5. Tamia Feat. Jim Jones - Too Grown For That (Remix)
6. Mya Feat. Lil Wayne - Lock You Down
7. T Pain Feat. Yung Joc - Snappin
8. John Legend Feat. Clipse - Heaven Only Know (Remix)
9. Pretty Ricky - On The Hot Line (Most Requested)
10. Joe Feat. Remo Da Rapstar - If I Was Ya Man
11. Lloyd Feat. Andre 3000 & Nas - You (Remix)
12. Bow Wow Feat. T Pain - Outta My System
13. Brian Mcknight - Used To Be My Girl (Most Requested)
14. Razah - Where Do We Go Form Here
15. Omarion Feat. Busta Rhymes - Ice Box (Remix)
16. Ciara Feat. 50 Cent - Cant Leave Em Alone
17. Chantele Feat. Jim Jones - Turn Me On
18. Natasha Feat. Clipse - So Sick
19. Lloyd Feat. Lil Wayne - Bandits
20. Da Entaraj Feat. Uncle Murda - Crooked Officer

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jimmyvanis's picture

c'mon mixtapetorrent

c'mon mixtapetorrent dudes!
Get serious with all this Crap Rnb mixtapes, i ma say it again put up some real shit at last!
Nobody wants to hear them!!

who the hell is mistarello anyway! I see you tryin to promote shit wit this! I dont wanna tell you how to do your job, you already doing it well, but do this promoting shit in another way please, this site made it's name by other kinds of mixtapes. WE ALL KNOW THAT...

we put up what the DJs

we put up what the DJs release, if that aint good enough find a place to buy em and stop ur bitching


It's true, this site might have it's share of wack music. But, damn the huge quantity of good music on this site is incredible! This is one of the best sites on the whole internet, keep up the good work. RapHustle was so big before this, this replaced it when it got shut down, and it's been an amazin site since (n even before, when it was competing against raphustle, yeah I've been to this site for too long).

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dont stop

nah, i get why people aint into the rnb tapes but for real, please dont stop uploading them: i get half of my tracks from here before they come to me in TJ's DJ's record pool and bumsquadz so i really need this shit to stay on top in the clubs so props for the uploads and please dont stop.

fuck rnb

can someone tell me where to get that new fab and swizz the torrent doesnt work and also where can I get free kanye west mixtapes

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how about go fuck yourself

how about go fuck yourself

how you not talking to me

how you not talking to me you ugly cock sucka

hotChoklat's picture

ah fuck no

another 11 year old on this site again? shhhhhhut up your boring me and if you wanna make requests there is a place to do it on the site

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R&B gets me some pussy

u should try some rnb maybe you'll get some pussy to..
u dig...... don't be hating just give it a try .
start with some r.kelly, tyres or even some usher girls love it........ if u try all of that and u still can't get any? guess it's just works for me and not for everybody .....
y'all gotta keep the rnb comin man ain't none better then that shit ....

it's southern take ova bitches fuck that NY tryina be gangsta and shit..http://www.freewebs.com/jodaking/

SheltoniusGreeD's picture

keep it real

truth is rnb do get you ass chicks ain't tryin to fuck to no gangsta ass music...we save da shit fo da streets my nig

jimmyvanis's picture

aint that a bitch!

yo mfizzel chill! Your not talkin to a 9 year kid, aight?

Nobody said you're not doin a good job..

You should be happy for the interest we show for this site and the participation on these forums, and not act and talk like that! Not everybody is kids right here!

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It ain't the R&B dat gets u da pussy, b0o.....


jimmyvanis's picture

tru,tru the lady gets u

tru,tru the lady gets u stupids, straight!

Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

girl you tlakin like u know me or somethin

u just sayin that shit cause u don't me..
if u did, u'll know that r&b makes my game nice and smooth ... belive it or not i don't care cause it is whut it is. i ma say it once and for all R&B gets me pussy.
maybe not to you but it's works for me....

it's southern take ova bitches fuck that NY tryina be gangsta and shit..http://www.freewebs.com/jodaking/