Hip Hop Charts - Jan. 12th '06

In this week's Hip-Hop charts, Eminem comes out on top, Biggie rolls with the punches, and The Black Eyed Peas continue to lock down the top ten.

Em is at it again this week, dominating the Hip-Hop scene at the #3 spot. After only a 5-week spin-off, the hits compilation Curtain Call has pushed a total of 1,490,978 units. His air-play has not diminished, and is still receiving a heavy response from his devoted fans. The lead single for the album, "When I'm Gone," has pushed another 109,082 copies this week.

Slippin' a few slots to #7 is the Notorious B.I.G with his Duets Album. The grown-and-sexy sizzler "Nasty Girl" is still bangin' it out, helping the Brooklyn kid shed 73,617 CDs this week. After 3 weeks on the charts, Biggie has hip-hopped his way to a total of 662,431 units.

Still standing strong at the #9 spot is The Black Eyed Peas. After a slammin' 31 weeks, the Peas continue to regulate the business, selling a total of 3,099,753 records. This week, the magnificent four have brought in a week-in total of 62,502 units. Even with a blazin' 97,456 copies sold last week, they still managed to have the game on criminal lock-down this week, impressively qualifying them for a slot in the top ten. The Peas won't stop and won't quit, keeping the lumps large and in-charge at triple-platinum status.

Next up is Lil Wayne, heatin' up the #17 spot. Tha Carter II has rounded up a total of 40,031 digits this week, firing off his total sales to 599,390. "Fireman," continues to blaze the Hip-Hop scene, and continues to buzz out the competition after a smokin' 5 weeks on the charts. Despite a slight drop on the hit list, Weezy Baby is still the talk of the block, makin' it hot, surpassing the rims of gold status with a cool breeze.

Not too far below is Kanye West who is holdin' it down at #19. The controversial rapper continues to bring in the noise, with a total of 38,756 copies sold this week. Respect, endorsements, and double-platinum status are just a few items on this dropout's list. After 18 weeks of diamonds, gold-diggers and empty promises, Late Registration has pinned 2,452,336 copies to date.

Straight from the barrio is Daddy Yankee, 'hood-hoppin it at the #25 seat this week. The Boricua king of Reggaeton continues to blow it out this week, with an additional 33,853 copies sold. "Rompe" is makin' the Spanish sensation hot after a concrete 4 weeks, rounding off his total digits to 271,965.

Four slots behind is Luda and the DTP gang, comin' for that #29 spot. "Georgia" is still rakin' it in and has taken Ludacris Presents Disturbing Tha Peace to a total of 353,843 after 4 weeks on the charts. The self-proclaimed mouth of the south has helped contribute to the 30,220 units sold this week.

Hittin' up the #32 seat this week is the soundtrack to Get Rich or Die Tryin.' 50 Cent continues to lock down the top 20 on the Hip-Hop charts, bangin' out 27,755 albums this week. The soundtrack has pushed a total of 1,131,109 albums after 9 weeks on the scene.

Two slots behind at #34 is Dipset's own Juelz Santana with What the Game's Been Missing. The self proclaimed "Prince of Harlem" is well on his way to gold status, pushing an additional 26,507 CD's this week. His total sales after 7 weeks on the charts stand at 424,146.

Finally, Young Jeezy gets it big, Cham gets his shine on, and Nelly closes them grills. Young Jeezy is thug motivatin' the #37 seat this week, stompin' out a total of 1,340,004 copies thus far. This week, the platinum-selling star continues to trap all other potential interference, bangin' out 25,713 CDs after a hot 24 weeks on the charts. Next up is Chamillionare at the #38 seat. The Sound of Revenge pushed an additional 24,967 records this week, selling a total of 396,614 units after 7 weeks on the charts. Nelly is struggling this week, falling 3 slots down to #41. Flashing those grills just won't do this week, with 23,567 units sold after an already decreasing 39,608 sold last week. His total net sales read 314,545 after 7 weeks going.

Next week, look for Eminem and Biggie to continue to battle for the top seat.