Hip Hop Charts - Dec. 15 '05

In this weeks Hip-Hop charts Eminem reclaims his title, Lil Wayne jumps in the hot seat, and the Black Eyed Peas reenter the top 10.

Hittin up the #1 spot this week is Eminem with his greatest hits compilation Curtain Call. According to Nielsen's Soundscan, Slim Shady has made an impressive debut with 442,690 copies sold. Em is expected to regulate the charts for another few weeks with his lead video for "When I'm Gone," directed by Anthony Madler, continuing to maintain heavy video rotation.

Cash Money fireman Lil Wayne follows Em's trail, sitting in the number 2 seat. The Carter II has had an impressive debut week, pushing 239,312 units, making this Weezy's most impressive opening week to date. Wayne's latest single, "Fireman," is blazing with hard-core video spins and radio plays as well.

Next up is The Black Eyed Peas, who continue to run the business in the #9 position. After 27 weeks, Fergie's humps have sold an additional 143,446 copies this week, bringing in their total to 2,562,463.

Loosely following at #21 is 50 Cent's soundtrack for his debut motion picture Get Rich or Die Tryin.' Despite the rapid decline in box office revenue, the soundtrack has pushed a forceful 855,441 units sold after 5 weeks. Get Rich or Die Tryin' has sold 77,716 more copies this week.

Down the line is the Grammy nominated LP Late Registration, sitting at the #37 spot. Kanye's double-platinum effort has sold a total of 2,173,098 after 15 weeks on the charts. With his latest single "Heard 'Em Say" creating a strong buzz, sales are up this week at 53,590, while only 43,223 units were sold last week.

Finally, Juelz Santana seems to be missing these days, Chamillionaire seems sound asleep, and on the flip, Nelly, Young Jeezy, Three 6 Mafia, and Bow Wow need to get motivated. At #41, Juelz barely beats his own game with a decline in sales, reeling in only 44,171 copies, down from 57,149 last week. His total units sold read 243,358. Chamillionaire's The Sound of Revenge isn't enforcing too much vigor either with a 22-slot drop on the charts. Sitting at #21 last week, Cham quietly moved down to the #42 slot, pulling in 43,407 units, which brings his total units sold to 225,144. Hitting the bottom of the charts but slightly grillin' the album sales is Nelly, who moved 36,826 units, landing him at #54. Nelly has sold 136,111 copies thus far. Following suit at #63 is Young Jeezy, who sold an additional 31,905 copies, bringing his net to 1,162,770. Three 6 Mafia hit up the #93 spot, shedding another 22,301 copies and totaling their sales to 458,873, while Bow Wow boosted his sales with 21,416. With his new single "Freshazimiz," Bow Wow sits at the #96 slot, selling a total of 737,470 units to date.

Next week, look out for Ludacris to come for that #1 spot, and the YoungBloodz to bring more of that ATL flava.

Reported by www.SOHH.com