Gwop Boyz & T.I. - The Hits & Unreleased


01 - 2 Glock 9’s Ft. Beanie Sigel
02 - I’m Serious Ft. Beenie Man
03 - 24’s [04:06]
04 - Asap
05 - Ride With Me
06 - Doin’ My Job
07 - Rubber Band Man
08 - U Don’t Know Me
09 - Bring Em’ Out
10 - Live In The Sky Ft. Jamie Foxx
11 - Why You Wanna
12 - Front Back Ft. Ugk
13 - Big Things Poppin’ (Do It)
14 - Top Back
(Remix) Ft. Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Big Ku
15 - Hurt (Remix) Ft. Young Jeezy
16 - You Know What It Is
17 - Watch What You Say To Me Ft. Jay-Z
18 - Swing Your Rag Ft. Swiss Beatz
19 - Dead And Gone Ft. Justin Timberlake
20 - I Know You Missed Me
21 - Better Than This
22 - This Is Detox (I Am Hip Hop)

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what the hell...

whats not released on this?? smh this is more of a datpiff mixtape not a mixtapetorrent mixtape. appreciate ya hustle jada but damn... R E S P E C T T H I S H U S T L E

these r all olllllllld swkl

these r all olllllllld swkl bruv
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My Daddy Told Me..... Niggas Get Killed Snitchin
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You don't know that nigga or his situation, leave it alone. If you like the music, Congratulations you got a mixtape here to download, if you don't comment about how much you hate his music and move the hell on, his personal business is his own not yours.

You're White.

And your dad is a racist. Good game, sir.


all this was released already but oh well check this out