DJ Mystery - Usher Vs Justin

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1 Usher - Love In This Club (Rmx) Ft T.I & Young Jeezy
2 Justin Timberlake Ft T.I - My Love
3 Usher Ft Jay-Z - Best Thing
4 Justin Timberlake - Seniorita (Prod By Neptunes)
5 Usher Ft Jadakiss - Throwback (Rmx)
6 Justin Timberlake Ft T.I - If I
7 Usher - Red Light (Prod By Lil Jon)
8 Justin Timberlake - Bigger Than The World (Prod By Timbaland)
9 Usher Ft Pharrell - Flash (Prod By Neptunes)
10 Justin Timberlake Ft Madona - 4 Minutes (Prod By Timbaland)
11 Usher Ft Lil Jon & Ludacris - Yeahh (Prod By Lil Jon)
12 Justin Timberlake - Dance With Me (Prod By Neptunes)
13 Usher Ft Shyne,Twista & Kanye West - Confessions (Rmx)
14 Justin Timberlake Ft Timbaland & Three 6 Mafia - Chop Me Up
15 Usher Ft Jermaine Dupri - Come Back
16 Justin Timberlake Ft Clipse - I Just Wanna
17 Usher - You Dont Have To Call (Prod By Neptunes)
18 Justin Timberlake Ft Nelly - Girlfriend (Rmx)
19 Usher Ft Lil Jon & Ludacris - Lovers And Friends
20 Justin Timberlake Ft Clipse - Sexy Back (Rmx)
21 Usher Ft Ludacris - Dat Girl Jingling (BONUS Track)
22 Justin Timberlake Ft Jay-Z & Timbaland - Give It To Me Rmx (Outro) Bonus

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c'mon man, how u gonna have a vet like Errsha against JT? and this aint even got mr. raymond's early year bomb cuts. Confessions cd alone mercs Justin!

they both garbage fuckin

they both garbage fuckin homos might as well add lil wayne on this tape 2 and kyane west then they can see who wins the title of gayest celeb of the year
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yo justin and usher are both

yo justin and usher are both dudes u put on when u tryin 2 slow it down some wit ur girl. Aint no girls wanna get into the mood wit ur boy gucci hahahah. Im still not sure of ur thinkin either just cause they sing and dont rap there gay? They both have serious talent
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Flawda_King sometimes you

Flawda_King sometimes you post the dumbest shit... actually its most of the time.
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realtalkstraightup wrote:
Flawda_King sometimes you post the dumbest shit... actually its most of the time.
I'm co-signin that.
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Is it bad if..

I co-sign your co-sign?

justin number one

So good i love JT and Usher