DJ Kutt Throat & Roscoe Dash - Demolition 2020


01 Roscoe Dash - Assembly Aquiring (Intro)
02 Roscoe Dash - Realest Shit
03 Roscoe Dash - Never Do
04 Roscoe Dash - Ttu
05 Roscoe Dash Feat. Hoven, Frenchie & Slim Dunkin - Ball Out
06 Roscoe Dash - Cover Girl
07 Roscoe Dash Feat. Waka Flocka & Wale - No Hands
08 Roscoe Dash Feat. Nico & Y.T. - Hurricane
09 Roscoe Dash - Summer Time Swervin'
10 Roscoe Dash Feat. Kaliogo1Way - In And Out
11 Roscoe Dash Feat. Kaliogo1Way - Pass Me A Bottle
12 Roscoe Dash Feat. Waka Flocka - Girls Go Crazy
13 Roscoe Dash - Party
14 Roscoe Dash Feat. Rocko - Down
15 Roscoe Dash - Roscoe Vents (Interlude)
16 Roscoe Dash - Shawty Put It On Me
17 Roscoe Dash Feat. Kaliogo1Way - Break You Down
18 Roscoe Dash - Go Crazy
19 Roscoe Dash - Two Of Everything
20 Roscoe Dash Feat. Kaliogo1Way - I Don't Wait In Line
21 Roscoe Dash Feat. Stuey Rock - That's Her
22 Roscoe Dash - Toot It & Boot It
23 Roscoe Dash - Speaks
24 Roscoe Dash Feat. K'la - Meeting In My Room
25 Roscoe Dash - What's Up
26 Roscoe Dash - Daze
27 Roscoe Dash Feat. Kaliogo1Way & K'la - Stupid
28 Roscoe Dash - Underestimated

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Come Ooooowwn!

LMAO Man, that shit will never get old. You hear that shit and you already know what it is. I like this nigga, Roscoe's the man. You can bump this whole thing and let it ride. Don't even bother to press skip. 9/10. Cover go hard brah, tanks in the background and shit. If your lookin for that song wit Waka and Wale it's on here. " - Money,Pimpin and Politics"
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Dude stole

his whole swag,look, song titles, rhymes, and lingo from other niggas BUT he puts it together better than J Futuristis, Yung LA or Travis porter so fuck it im gon rock wit roscoe
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Joe... all that futuristic

Joe... all that futuristic swag musics dyin off, that shit gaye as hell anyway "I can't save the whole world, I'm just tryin to look after mine"