DJ Whoo Kid Presents The Best Of Spider-Loc

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1.What If
2.“G” Out Here
3.When I Get Angry
4.That Nigga
6.California Feat 50 Cent
7.Big Blacc Boots Feat Ice Cube
8.I Don’t Know Officer Feat 50 Cent, Prodigy, Lloyd Banks, Mase
9.La La Land
10.Been Around The World
11.It’s So Hard
12.Truer Than True
14.Blutiful Remix Feat Papa Smurf & Piper
15.Cry & Cry
16.Don’t Worry Feat Diesha
17.Hit Me On Da Aim
18.Louie Bag
19.Toe Taggs
20.I’m Wrong

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The Best of Spider Loc????

The Best of Spider Loc???? What a Fucken Joke. This dude hasn't put anything good, so what the fuck is Whoo kid Talking about? I grew up to fucken screw up, got introduced to the game and fucken blew up!
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Best of who? Isn't he that groupie that followed Lil Wayne round LA?

you mean when wayne was

you mean when wayne was hiding like the fake ass bitch he is

lil wayne wasn't even there

lil wayne wasn't even there only baby and his bodyguard. get your facts straight before u make a stupid azz comment like that and i guess u would have gotten out of the car to surrounded by niggaz u don't know. oh yeah fuck spider joke!

Old Spider Loc?

This is kinda weak. Whoo Kid's fallin' off, man. He used to be like THE source for G-Unit shit. Nowadays it's DJ Woogie, who's really runnin' his game hard. Whoo Kid's just a lame now.
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I didnt even hear of this cat and now theres a great hits album WTF

spider loc is a joke

spider loc is a joke
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Whoo Kid, on top of his

Whoo Kid, on top of his game! Real recognize Real! this shit is hot fuck these other clowns!
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Spider Joke

Spider Joke is a Hoe
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spider aint gangsta cuz

who said spider is a gangsta? lmfao spider is just like game, 50 cent n jimmy made his image, lmfao thats the funny thing, jimmy n 50 told game to pretend his a blood, pretend his 21, n pretend his a gangsta, just like 50 told spider loc to do that, dosnt shit click in now? that half of these bloods n crips in the rap busisness r lieing example lil wayne, baby, the game, real gs r mans that have been cripping n blooding it from day 1, SUGE KNIGHT N SNOOP DOGG, not the game spider loc n lil wayne, they just trying to build a gangsta image for themselves to sell records n u no.. u niggas r patheic