DJ Trigga & G-Unit - This Is 50

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1. 50 cent intro
2. 50 cent loyd banks & tony yayo im leaving(fat joe diss)
3. Lloyd banks speaks
4. Lloyd banks another 70 bars
5. Tony yayo speaks
6. 50 cent,loyd banks & tony yayo bottom girl
7. 50 cent-u aint crazy
8. Prodigy-speaks
9. Prodigy-new yitty
10. Young buck,lloyd banks,tony yayo-talk about me
11. Lloyd banks-speaks again
12. Lloyd banks-freesyle
13. Prodigy-the life
14. 50 cent,lloyd banks,tony yayo,mobb deep-freesyle
15. 50 cent,tony yayo,lloyd banks-feel good
16. Young buck-ghetto superstar
17. Prodigy-a.b.c
18. Tony yayo,young buck-hurt you
19. 50 cent,tony yayo,lloyd banks-we on some shit
20. 50 cent, tony yayo,lloyd banks-southside
21. Tony yayo-speaks again
22. 50 cent,tony yayo, lloyd banks-coke life
23. 50 cent-so serious
24. Young buck-teach em about playing
25. 50 cent feat lil kim- magic stick pt-2
26. Ruff-rebelion-freedom
27. Jd riggz-the bad guy
28. Spider loc-speaks
29. Spider loc feat nate dogg-faded
30. Track 30

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50 cent needs 2 stop RAP PERIOD, y not his shit sucks now and he got all the money he'll ever need


50 is a fucking snitch, how u guna say shit like ur "boy" buck is doing blow and sizzurp. This new shit sux, 50 fell off mad hard, banks changed up his voice and flow and now sucks, and yayo has always been trash. Hot Rod was the only decent sign outside of the g unit core and now hes gone. 50's downfall was puttin down the weed for some syringes so he could get all juiced up, when 50 smoked weed his shit was dope as fuck. CANT WAIT FOR THAT BUCK/GAME TRACK, ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE WE HEAR THAT AND CURRRRRTIS IS DONE WIT THIS RAP SHIT



if ya niggas tink abt it 50

if ya niggas tink abt it 50 is nt the only snitch in the rap game all of dem r snitches wen u luk at snoop dogg hes been cought with drugs and guns nuff tyms so y is he chillin nuffin happens afta dat tink about it maynnn

when u got money u can buy

when u got money u can buy da law its not bout snitching money is power just have a good lawyer they can make it invisible far as fifty he ass as a rapper dat nigga aint even worth a free download getting your teeth fix cant save your rapping career


get rich or die tryin was a sick album. he shoulda just quit after that. fukin shits a joke now.

ya are fukin haters.. 50cent

ya are fukin haters.. 50cent is one of the best rappers out there.. why u think he has soo much money.. fukin bitch ass haters

typical no named nigga gettin no money

dipset521 wrote:
ya are fukin haters.. 50cent is one of the best rappers out there.. why u think he has soo much money.. fukin bitch ass haters
Cuz he made some good investments

Yeah wtv!

Good investments my ass! When you think about it, todays rap is shit, and guess what, thats what sells! 50 cent is spittin shit, he is makin money, cause people these days dont aknowledge good rap, they just want the sound thats nice, and when you put 50 on track it sells!, Lil wayne is the same situation, he sells, even though his rap is wack, (basically jacking rhymes, and EM'S flow! Thats todays rap market! lil wayne and 50! Want to talk about real rap, people who actually spit real shit and dont get any props for it, styles, boosie, trae, bun b, and Nas, thats my picks! TRUE PLAYAS IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW! the rest are snitches, pussies, wankstas, rappers'actors, just lame ass motherfuckers, that just spit anything to make money!

this the realist comment i

this the realist comment i seen props for that but peopel you named are good fair enough but how could you miss out WU-TANG, KILLARMY, JEDI MIND TRICKS,thats proper rap talent!

how dare u mentioning weezy

how dare u mentioning weezy with 50 in one sentence. all u fuckin mainstream nas dickrider r makin me so sick.

50 the businessman vs 50 the Rapper

Like Jay-Z said, "Niggas don't respect my honest, they respect the DOLLARS" 50 cent is a brilliant business, has great marketing since, and truely and sincerly about his paper. However as a rapper, He "might" be a 6 outta 10... --->might but dat don't matter cuz the HOES love'em, and niggas will always love what the bitches love. (how many of you fuck niggas are singing lolipop right now) anyway da nigga is a Brilliant in the fact that he linked up with "America's Favorite Rapper" Emimem, most of his sales are because of Emimem, in combination with his underground buzz, and the beef with Murder Inc... = "I GET MONEY" SO MY HAT GOES OF TO DA KID 50! (EVEN THOUGH YOU SUCK ASS AS A RAPPER, a Rat, and a shitty indivual all around) I personally feel he is the reason NY fell off... (why/ this beef shit formula he created seems to be the only way niggas in NY can eat these days) But what the fuck do i know, i live in atlanta... (don't mean I only listen to southern music cock sucker) GOD BLESS HIP HOP What do you think?

best rapper alive is young

best rapper alive is young buck, everyone else is shit kanye is a bitch

u got to be a young kid

u got to be a young kid saying fifty rich cause he a good rapper if anything he a good promoter nigga had one good album in the span of how many years on a mixtape level longer than dat so just get off his dick nigga got money base off of nigggaz like u far as dis mixtape and future albums da nigga time is up common knowledge kid

Wow the 2 dumbest comments

Wow the 2 dumbest comments ive ever seen..."50 cant rap good ne more b/c he doesnt smoke weed"are u retarded?...weed might enhance the mind but that aint wat is fukin 50 up..."young buck is the greatest rapper alive" haha buck is iight but he aint even in the top 20 best rappers alive...nd sayin buck is sniffin and drinkin syrup dont make 50 a snitch it aint like the cops dont kno that rappers be gettin high

anything after the 90's is garbage.......

yo, im sick of hearing people crying about whos good in the rap game these days. mostly like 90% of the shit these days is garbage. its all money and no skill. now that all these mother fuckers own the labels they put out all the garbage they can. its not like back in the day were they had to put out good shit or loose their deal. when you own the label no one can tell you to make it better. so they dont. thats what fucked it up. why you think theres so much classic shit from back in the day that people still bang in there whips? cause they had to put up good shit back then. it was a business, not a bunch of friends who now own the company putting out as much garbage as they can to make money. you had to make good shit to keep your contract back then. people that didnt sell werent around that long back in the day. but now you got garbage rappers that wont go away because they are signed to there boys label and it is thrown down your fuckin throat. to me the best era for hiphop was the 90's, aint no no one gonna touch artist from back then. fuck these millenium rappers. FUCKIN GARBAGE...... ( real rappers that you still probably bang in your cars.... some of my favorites anyway! Wu-Tang,Nas,Black Moon,KRS-1,Gangstarr,Kool G Rap,Rakim,Big L,Keith murray,and of course Tupac and Biggie...dam the list can go on and on.... ) Like i said todays shit is garbage. cant make a list like that one from todays shit. Peace Out! SUMMERS COMING, EVERONE RELAX! FUCK THESE BITCHES, POP IN SOME OLD SCHOOL AND FIRE UP THE GRILL!

i wouldnt even say 90s was

i wouldnt even say 90s was better u got ghost ,dblock, budden now a days only da bullshit is being heard but u still have some competive motherfuckers in the game everybody has their time u got niggaz from the 90s dat u or me may have liked and they would be washed up by now if they was still living so whos to say just keep getting money rocking dat real shit fucking bitches

Hopefully some new shit from

Hopefully some new shit from Fiddy. Almost all his mixtapes are the bomb so I'll give this a try. And haters please shut the fuck up, it's all bout the unit..