DJ Trigga - THISIS50 Pt 2

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01.50 Cent Speaks On New Album And T
02.Get Gully-50 Cent
03.Oj Gloves-Tony Yayo & Maino
04.What Chu Talkin Bout-Lloyd Banks
05.Run Up On Me-50 Cent
06.Twitter Gangsters-Tony Yayo
07.Perfect Match-Lloyd Banks & Fabol
08.Last Trip To Scotland-Lloyd Banks
09.Old Ferrari-50 Cent
10.Fly Like The Wind-Lloyd Banks & J
11.Little Shop Of Horrors-Tony Yayo
12.50 Cent Vs World Star Interlude
13.When It All Goes Down-50 Cent
14.Trap Ball-Tony Yayo
15.Start It Up Part 2-Lloyd Banks &
16.When I Come Back-50 Cent
17.Me Against The World-Tony Yayo
18.Flat Line-Lloyd Banks & Young Chr
19.The Paper (I Get It)-50 Cent
20.Happy New Year-50 Cent
21.Dump-50 Cent & Jadakiss
22.Where The Dope At-50 Cent Lloyd B
23.You Should Be Dead-50 Cent
24.They Burn Me-50 Cent (Unreleased)
25.Come Over-50 Cent & Usher (Unrele
26.Attraction-50 Cent (Unreleased)
27.I Dont Deserve You (Remix)-Lloyd
28.I Get Money-Eminem (Bonus Track)

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Milwaukee Bukk's picture

this is fukkin

is this spossed 2 be exclusive? yall go 2 far with the comedy!! *414 n da bill'din!!*