G-Unit - 50 Cent Is The Future


1. (00:03:31) G-Unit - U Should Be Here
2. (00:03:04) 50 Cent & Tony Yayo - Bump Dat Street Mix
3. (00:03:59) 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks - The Banks Workout
4. (00:02:31) 50 Cent - Whoo Kid/Kay Slay Shit
5. (00:02:10) 50 Cent - 50 Cent Just Fucking Around
6. (00:03:04) G-Unit - G-Unit Soldiers
7. (00:02:50) 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks - Got Me A Bottle
8. (00:02:42) 50 Cent & Tony Yayo - Tony Yayo Explosion
9. (00:01:28) 50 Cent - Clue/50
10. (00:04:07) G-Unit & U.T.P. - A Lil Bit Of Everything U.T.P.
11. (00:02:55) 50 Cent - Cut Master C Shit
12. (00:02:59) 50 Cent & Tony Yayo - Call Me
13. (00:02:44) 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks - 50/Banks
14. (00:02:08) 50 Cent - Surrounded By Hoes
15. (00:04:11) G-Unit - G-Unit That's What's Up (Feat. Dazhuck)
16. (00:04:30) G-Unit - Bad News

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general23's picture

worth the download

this is when da unit was in there prime. everybody should cop dis shit


Wow this is when 50 was actually good! This is a great tape! Classic shit! Before they became garbage! Lone $tar Dynasty
eckoblue777's picture

fucking amazing

this is when 50 was the man, when he was the future. this mixtape made mixtape fridays what they used to be. if you know mixtapes then you will coip this shit, rolla blunt and lay back and just let it play through. wtf happenned to 50 man, he was so good back in the day. guess the fame went to his head, atleast we have this tape to bring us back. we need 'gods plan ' ' no mercy no fear' and 'automatic gunfire' up on here next. oooooo weeeeeeee, now were talking
DMack723's picture

back in the day

This is before 50 used up all his bars


This was probably one of my favorite mixtapes of all time. This is back when G-Unit had the good stuff and everybody wanted a piece of it.
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i got this when it first

i got this when it first first came out thats when i had everybody jump on the g unit shit i kan barely listen 2 50 now lloyd is da only 1 i kan listen 2 now its funny how it was them 3 and its them 3 now 50 is a smart man used up buck while yayo was locked up and the game was another way 2 make money lol now its back the 3 homies who kame in it together