DJ Envy - The Bad Guys Part 9: G-Unit

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DJ Envy aka. The People's Choice brings you his infamous mixtape
series profiling the hardest 3 groups in hip-hop, The Bad Guys. This
new G-Unit edition mixtape brings you nothing but G-G-G-G-G-Unit
tracks, freestyles & remixes from the squad: Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent,
Tony Yayo, Mobb Deep, Mase, M.O.P., Young Buck and Spider Loc.

1 - Cake - Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent
2 - Bang Bang - Freeway feat. 50 Cent
3 - 70 Bars Of Death - Lloyd Banks
4 - Keep It On The Low - Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent & LL Cool J
5 - Click Click - Mobb Deep feat. Tony Yayo
6 - Got Beef - Prodigy
7 - Stole Something - Mobb Deep feat. Lloyd Banks
8 - I'm Not Rich I'm Still Tryin - 50 Cent
9 - Money In The Bank - Lil' Scrappy feat. Young Buck
10 - Give It To Me - Mobb Deep feat. Young Buck
11 - Prodigy Freestyle
12 - Touch It - Lloyd Banks
13 - Creep - Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent
14 - Undertaker - Young Buck
15 - Horror Flick - Mobb Deep
16 - Real Bitch Boy - Young Buck & Spider Loc
17 - Prodigy Freestyle
18 - Mission - Mobb Deep
19 - You Already Know (remix) - Lloyd Banks
20 - Ain't No Thug In You - Mobb Deep
21 - I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (remix) - M.O.P.
22 - Mase Freestyle
23 - Tear It Up - Young Buck
24 - The Hustle - Mobb Deep
25 - Prodigy Feat Nyce Freestyle
26 - Rompe (remix) - Daddy Yankee feat. Lloyd Banks & Young Buck
27 - Exclusive - Avant feat. Lloyd Banks
28 - Can't Get Enough - Claudette Ortiz feat. Mase
29 - I'm In Love With You (remix) - Razah feat. Prodigy

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not wasting more than 10 secs on this, lame, lame, LAME
H S N's picture

Nuthin special

all old tunz from da G-unit crew
ADS's picture

hot cover, but why the fuck

hot cover, but why the fuck is gunit taking over this fucking site?


too many g-unit mixtapes ... mfizzel peep sum new stuff


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Nothin New...

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bad guys muhahaha The Game, Brother

You Gotta Problem,

is it an invasion

damn its like 4 g-unit mixtape praticly whats going on
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and again

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Tired of da Greeze

I see alot of bitches taking pops at G-Unit and the main man mfizzel - all I read is G-unit is taking over - post some new shit blah blah blah - well hustlas and playas no -one is asking you to download the mixtapes just skip it and find some other banging shit you are into - the site is full of hot tapes - why waste time on moaning about the uploader who provides you all with your beats and the NO. 1 best selling rap artist/s thats on the scene right now? Some G-Unit tracks are piss - even 50 knows that but if any of you could release even one lame tune that would make some green you would jump at the chance - I know y'all ave got down to at least one G-Unit track - so just keep it tight and enjoy!!
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than the site would be

than the site would be boring, so no i think i will keep up with my slander
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T.I.P. gettin more scans right now
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Can i get a new Banks mixtape????


D-BLOCK is tha shit
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fuck d block.them niggas

fuck d block.them niggas aint shit.g unit all day
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Lame ass

G-unit some lameass du-dun-du-dunh mufuckas, buncha fuckin singin pigeons
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you just another hating ass

you just another hating ass nigga.if you dont like the group why do you bother looking at the mixtape and then come talk shit on the boards.makes no sense


been looking for this.
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mase has best flow in g unit

I DON't like g unit. the only dude in the crew with a good flow is mase.
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You don't seem to be a total dick like most of the cock-knockers around here, so it pains me to put u in ur place. I agree that G-Unit sucks but the words "Good Flow" and "Mase" don't go together. Mase has to be one of the WACKEST MC's to make a mil. He does songs with the RUGRATS for fuck sake! If you looking for G-Units finest then look no further than M.O.P. They have been let down badly over the years by Rocafella and now G-Unit but along with Teflon, they are definatly still gully motherfuckers. I also noticed you call Mobb Deep sellouts. You are entitled to that opinion but I think it might be a bit too strong. Just like you, i'd rather still see them doing shit with Alchemist, Big Noyd ect... So you do have a point. Don't take it as a diss, just another opinion...
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ok i agree MOP used to make music that made get up and jump. there where hot in the day. can't say to much untill there album drops.