DJ Whoo Kid & 50 Cent - G-Unit Radio #21: Hate It Or Love It

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To be fair, nobody is spared on this new mixtape assault on the G-Unit nemeses.
But to be honest, nobody gets it like you-know-who (look left) . You might not be
able to judge a book by its cover, but a mixtape? That's a whole different story.

On the latest and perhaps most-anticipated G-Unit Radio mixtape ever, DJ Whoo Kid
and the G-Unit ringleader 50 Cent bring you this renewed assault on their enemies
as Fitty spits mad exclusive freestyles solely for this mixtape.

Pinging off satellites from Lebanon, Israel, 50 Cent takes his hip-hop beefs global,
sending home a mixtape full of tracks going at everybody who's declared an alliegiance
against his team. With the man G-Unit calls Mr. Potato Head bearing the grunt of that
assault, the countdown to the next Game mixtape has already begun. Don't expect a good, clean fight.

1 - The Hurricane Game Stripper Skit
2 - 50 Cent - Make A Movie Out Of 'Em
3 - 50 Cent - Paper Chaser
4 - Change Of Heart Skit
5 - 50 Cent - Stop Crying
6 - Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent - Hands Up
7 - 50 Cent - Banana Clip
8 - Don't Say My Name Skit
9 - 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo - 5 Heartbeats
10 - Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent - Nightmares
11 - 50 Cent - Misdemeanor
12 - 50 Cent - Just Too Much
13 - Young Buck - In My Hood
14 - Change Out Heart Outro

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Ayo man downloadin dis shit like waitin for christmas lol cant wait to hear 50 rippin dese fake ass niggas. Ye! Ye! Ye! Holla Back!
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watch the DVD

aint u seen stop snitchin ??? 50 got 3 FED niggas wit him. dat means dat he cant bust no guns!!! he might have bananas but NO CLIPS!!! dis mixtape is wack!!

how can i get the dvd?

how can i get the dvd?
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yo TwisT

u need 2 get ur fukin hed str8....50 cent is the fake ass nigga rats everybody out.....str8 up fag
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I'm sick of you gayme

I'm sick of you gayme dick-ryders commenting on every 50 mixtape go cook some oil or something find something to do u bitches

yo its over!! lol

man fifty done did it this has to be one of if not "the most embarrssing moments in a rappers carrer" Black mad props
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nice one

good shot on getting this before it was supposed to drop!

anyone else havin truble

anyone else havin truble downlaodin this? EDIT:NEVA MIND IM JUST A IMPATIENT BASTID
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That is so....

fake. It's an obvious Photoshop job.


Oh shit! Are you serious man? Damn, i would neva hav picked it! .... OBVIOUSLY its photoshopped u retard. the point is that it disses game, and the MAIN point is the diss tracks. Great mixtape, 50 kills em.
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The point is dumbasses like you probably thought it was real. Now run along little boy....and learn basic English. Main point is the tape is shit. You are shit.
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I see Dumb People

theres a long list of dumb ppl in here just 2 give u a taster of whose an idiot look at what JMarz and cadillacinit's gotta say, man they stupid and borin fake mutha fuckas! .RUZTY.
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J marz

yo j marz u must b from marz man either that ot u jus the dumbest nigga goin! .RUZTY.


Ahh Im sorry you guys anticipated this tape to highly its alright but honestly it's not that great and ive heard greater disses from him then the ones on here but its an alright tape but not as great as ppl are acting like it is not hating just adding my thoughts
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I was actually on 50s side but this is sad... the mix tape was a bore, i didnt even find the songs on this mixtape disses, the skits and the pic are only disses. Game does better disses and they are not boring.
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50's back ya homie 50's back

Even though im tired of the back and fourth im happy to see some creativity.
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LOL 50 didn't go anywhere back from where?

man diz mixtape was wack

man diz mixtape was wack game has made more shit better than this man fuk g-unit their all garbage especially 50 only nigga in there who is worth listening in there is buck once in a while. other than that g-units wack
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i heard these

yo i heard these songs like 2 saturday's ago on shade45 g-unit radio its pretty good but he dont directly diss them like i thought he would T.carter
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50's losin touch on dissin or holdin back

this aint what i thought it would be, is arite, not tha best game'll let him have it soon enuff
corey-scott's picture

Of course he's gonna hold

Of course he's gonna hold back he's gonna make some paper off of games album first then blow the little bitch out of the water.

haa these skits are funny

haa these skits are funny GAME OVER G-UNIT

To Game's Dickriders

First off, 50 made Game. Secondly, why ya'll sayin 50 snitched??? you are complete WANKERS. You say it as if you'd NEVER SNITCH. So if someone killed your mum or dad and you knew who it was, you wouldn't ''snitch'' obviously would, now shut the fuck up about 50 snitchin, it's gettin old. And after i've proved THAT point, if you're STILL ridin Game, look at this shit: ''Recently Jimmy Henchman was charged with assult or w/e from that incident in the radio station in DC. we'll i heard that they found him guilty because of the lyrics of game in the remix of hate it or love it: 'And I'm rap's MVP, Don't make me remind ya'll what happened in D.C.' damn now if that ain't snitchin then call me doja.'' ooooooh, so Game is a snitch.....get over it you dick-riders. I am not biased and apprichiate music from 50 and Game. Why can't ya'll do the same?


STOP SNITCHING letting the authorities know who killed your moms/pops and saving your own ass is completely different! Me personally would go after whoever did anyhting to my moms/pops so we are different types of people but thats neither here nor there, u control your own actions and either way u have to respect it for what it is. just dont say anything to lessen your time if you in that situation! and for your lyrics on a song snitching argument, wouldnt most artists get in trouble for what they say on tracks? i wouldnt think that would hold up in court but you never know with some of these ignorant judges. for example, Uncle Murder would be sent away for life³ for the things he spits on tracks. i havent been paying much attention to the disses but 50cent boys dont like him any more for a reason. wheather it be for not paying bail or not riding with em anymore, it makes me think about his character! i havent listened to the album yet but had to reply to doja since im drunk................. so drunk i forgot to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!!!
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letting the authorities know who killed your moms/pops and saving your own ass is completely different! Me personally would go after whoever did anyhting to my moms/pops
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Fuck malestrippers!!!!

Damn I hate these malestrippers!!! Bunch of fuckin hoes.
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stripper or not game raps

stripper or not game raps well sorry 50

It is what it is

Say what you want but this tape was coming and everyone knew. I personally think that after the spider loc mixtape it was over. Game got served and the fans held onto the what ever bars track it was. The only problem is the game claims to be something he ain't, the gangbanger etc and anyone in a gang don't go bitch like he did with the Unit. If this tape is good or not, real recognize real and real the game ain't. You don't have to prove your real like he tried to on the mixtapes. If your real ppl will know that shit. Enough said....

it is what it is...

and thats pure garbage, i was expecting a retaliation but the game shows lyrically 50s camp cant fuck with the game, believe me i tried hard to bob my head to this shit, wantin to give old boy 50 the benifit of the doubt, hell even my boy says "its the stuff 50 says at the end of his raps when he talkin thats dissin not his ryhmes" and he was a 50 rider, but he knows its about lyrics and styles 50s lyrics are weak and his style is wack period. and far as fiff sayin cant nobody fuck with him? he must be smokin his product, theres unsighned emcees that can blow him out the water! effortlessly
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The Truth ! ! !

yo this shit aint the hottest or most anticipated shit on the streets but fitty comes swingin hard at the end of the day fitty n g-unit are on another level to these niggaz. .RUZTY.



The truth

What did you expect out of this tape bra ? I just wanted to here fif back on his street level stuff instead of the candy shop shit. If you expected to hear an entire tape about fif dissin the game then your thinking like the game. He made a couple of tapes about fif and the unit and dedicated nothing but dissing to them. I felt that was kinda what a ho would do. Even in the early jah battles the unit didn't dedicate a whole tape to dissing jah. They added a whole load of street level music and a few punchlines and skits based on jah. make a movie, paper chaser and the skits were enough disses on the tape. Tracks like much to much are on a street level. Oh yea and anyone poppin the lyrical stuff is smoking crack because everyone felt that nelly won a battle with KRS One and that explains what battles are all about in hip hop today.


by my user name u can see im a hardcore U.K 50 fan NOT for much longer after this bloody mess of a mixtape 50 what are u doing u sound as bad as the rest of your G UNIT crew. lets hope your up and coming album is better. and sort out the beats dog !!!!!!!!!




what the FUCK? whats with the cover??? who is this BITCH? this shit, iDONT download, no, NOOO

deutscher stolz

game is the realest nika of this gunit shit! come back and diss your products!!! they are too poor to make their own covers!!! poor niggaz, poor niggaz! and whats with the music videos??? are they stupid???? no respect for theirselves! poor america, poor america,
south's picture

your stupid...

thats all im saying

u sayin 50 bin hidin

cors he ent bin hidin u idiot hes givin lloyd banks space he cnt b talked about at he same time banks coz banks wants 2 b his own man and not "50s m8"
corey-scott's picture

wow.... i'll second to that

wow.... i'll second to that you talk like your fuckin dylan off of chappelle making the band (I SPIT HOT FIRE) I had to take 9 ebonics lessons just to understand this retard
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quick question...why the

quick question...why the fuck can't the guy above me speak english he sounds like hes typin with a cock in his ass...and what the fuck UK? dont make me laugh what you gonna do throw hot tea and crumpets? fuckin pansys what you know about bein real you like in europe go herd some sheep and go to the dentist you nasty motherfuckers stick to your stupid continent bunch of whores i'll stick my glock in your nazi german ass

can't download

Hey, im using BitTornado to download but I always get an error when trying to download a torrent, it says error bad tracker. Can someone help?
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You really think thats what

You really think thats what the UK's like? Man, your a fucking idiot. The way the UK's portrayed on your TV Shows/What you hear isn't shit how we live, if you think we all speak like the queen and drink tea & eat crumpets - Your a retard. Come to england and find out how it is, not the posh areas like even USA have, I'm talkin the ghettos. See how 'real' we are
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ok gansta gangsta suck my big long american dick ya'll a bunch of fruity girls who take it up the ass. you like that GIRL i bet you do. o no watch out for the UK thugs, suck a dick you euro trash listen to techo like your supposed to
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Haha, you sterotyping motherfucker. You make me laugh, No, really - you do. What kind of homo posts about their dick on the internet..? Ohh, the Cadillacinit type I aint got time for yo punk arse, I don't do internet beef.
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WOW you actually replied to

WOW you actually replied to this shit do you have nothing better to do? are you broke? if not go get fucking hammered and do something useful with all this time on your hands. Both of you not one or the other. BOTH
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you replied also lol

omg you replied back too doesnt that make you the same? =>WOW you actually replied to this shit do you have nothing better to do? are you broke? if not go get fucking hammered and do something useful with all this time on your hands. Both of you not one or the other. BOTH
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How do tell the seeds and peers on this site, and did anyone hear this yet, is it really sick......

right now there's over 400+

right now there's over 400+ seeds and 800+ peers...check for seeds/peers stats on torrents, thats our torrent tracker

5-0 loves beef in his ASS

What is the point of this mixtape after Game ended the beef half year ago. G-Unit really got lazy when they got their money and when Game left. The only reason he beat Ja cause he sings, but with Hurricane it's a different story [AND He Does Not Sing.]. This mixtape is weak and ain't worth a response.
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who the fuck says mad props

who the fuck says mad props anymore? you sound like a suburban white preppy kid, yah dude mad props holla at your boy