DJ Spinz - Ghettoville Stories Vol. 1

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1. nitti and spinz - speak intro 1:13
2. t.i. ft. plies big kuntry - stop hidin (hot) 4:21
3. 9th ward - my chopper 3:29
4. gucci mane - dopeman (exclusive) 4:06
5. 9th ward ft. skrilla - like me (hard) 3:03
6. nitti ft. 9th ward - my nigga 2:34
7. trae - c me ride (exclusive) 2:45
8. young ace - spend some change 3:11
9. nitti ft. skrilla midnite - paper boy 3:08
10. 9th ward - supermodel (banger) 3:40
11. 9th ward - speaks 1:09
12. 9th ward - p.o.m.e. 1:23
13. playa shaw - i might (hot) 3:26
14. bo hagon ft. nitti - there she go (exclusive) 3:24
15. kasino - do da damn thang 3:27
16. david banner ft. chamillionaire - ball wit me 3:00
17. yola da great ft. montana - get drunk 3:51
18. 9th ward - trippin 2:40
19. lil wayne - i took her 3:39
20. kicks - in da au (college anthem) 2:44
21. yung la ft. big kuntry - aint i 3:30
22. sunny v - big money 3:47
23. citty - yeen know 3:43

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Any 1?

comment on this? is it any good?
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Only one good song

Supermodel is an instant club Banga if they market it right, I took a ride down Ybor (a club strip in Tampa,FL where i live now) and had hoe's Poppin and dancing all over the place had nigga's jealous, they started puttin on some retarded old Juke Music with too much bass and the girls ended up walkin off to get away from the loud ass bullshit, That song there can get a club hoppin. Everything else is pretty much shit, i got a couple of songs that might grow on me but i don't think imma listen to that long, and that ATL bullshit tracks some of them rappin over is just not cuttin it, the infamous ATL tracks that overuse Orchestra Hit loops get's really annoying to the point you wanna fling that CD straight out the window when you hear some of it. That song AU is a good example of a real bad ATL beat with a repetitive orchestra hit that lil jon made famous now it's overly used and irritating as FUCK in songs and the Generic bassline to go with it, The nigga Rappin is bullshit, the whole song is a damn hook but they call it an Anthem so i don't know what to make of it. The Nigga 9th ward almost got my blessing until he started spittin which was garbage, on top of that it's over some Generic ATL studio track, and on top of that he's Reppin ATL and Not New Orleans so the nigga is just about as fake as 50 cent's Grill. Oh don't let the Gucci Mane, Chamillionare and other big rappers fool you, those tracks can be found on about 6 other mixtapes, they old. I am grateful to the dude that uploaded this and shared it though i ain't gonna sit here and act ungrateful, i just didn't like what i heard.