Tommy Gunn - The Gunn Show (Hosted By DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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Los Angeles Rapper Tommy Gunns teams up w/ DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar to drop his
debut mixtape including features from Omar Cruz, Ya Boy, Mistah FAB, Big Rich
and his crew Pro City.

01. Introduction Prod By Killa Rob
02. City Life Feat Pro City Prod By Kajmir Royale
03. Hottest In The Hood Feat Omar Cruz, Jm & Ya Boy
04. Almost Famous Feat Rosevelt Prod By Young Cee
05. Can I Live Prod By Killa Rob
06. Pro City Is The Gang Feat Bloc Runna Prod By Flashbeats
07. Can U Get Away Feat Stefon Devore Prod By Asaf Music
08. Outta Breath Feat Jm & Marc Brand Prod By Marc Brand
09. Me & U Lady Prod By Chris Rockstar
10. Jus My Sb's Prod By Chris Rockstar
11. We Out Here Feat Big Rich Prod By Kajmir Royale
12. Never Felt The Way Feat Mistah Fab Prod By Kajmir Royale
13. More Than Life Prod By Kajmir Royale
14. Fly Away Feat Omar Cruz Prod By Killa Rob
15. 24 Hours Prod By Jay Nari
16. So Magical Feat Fresh Ave (R.I.P.) Prod By Kajmir Royale
17. Like U Should Prod By Jay Nari

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this whiteboy is spittin on this tape lol, fire beats 2


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Track 12 something wicked haha. The beat/sample is ridiculous! ~Remember, if your accelerator becomes wedged, to follow these simple instructions: Dip, stop, stop, dip, dip, stop, ghost ride the whip!~