DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar Present Kajmir Royale - Internet Entrepreneur

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While producing instrumentals Kajmir honed his artist skills by practicing over
top of beats he sold to other artists, writing a 300,000 word rhyme dictionary,
and performing shows across the state of Colorado. On Jan 18, 2010 Super
Producer Kajmir Royale releases his first Mixtape as an artist titled 'Internet
Entrepreneur' hosted by LA based mixtape gurus DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar.

01. Warm Reception
02. Facebook Status
03. Follow Me (Twitter) Part 1 & 2
04. Use Me Ft Kidd Nuutron & V.Ness
05. Gift Her
06. Mac Vs Pc Ft Kidd Nuutron
07. Who She Fkin
08. Blue Ray Love Ft V.Ness
09. Nominate Me
11 While We Do It(Mac Sex)
11. Blank Screen
12. Numbers Don't Lie
13. I'd Download That Ft V.Ness
14. Skype(Ing) Ft V.Ness
15. Second Chance Ft Kidd Nuutron
16. Tron Won (Freestyle)
17. Ninja Video.Net
18. One Click Away

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I aint gonna touch this just cuz of the name and cover IE? blue ray love? gtfoh ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
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Nerd music

This nikka tryin to promote Geekdom as a cool thing lol, i listened to this shit and i felt like i was listenin to Cnet Remix a show. And he from Colorado or some shit, so ya'll know fa damn show he aint around nothing or nobody to expose him to what real hip hop is, he pretty much just makin shit ryhme, no real substance, just tryin to be some futuristic techie rapper LOL - Reppin H-Town By way of N.O.(K-Ville) -

Stop hatin my nigga

What do you have to lose from listenin to new artists with different taste? I'm an artist myself, and I haven't been getting the attention I deserve simply because niggas such as the majority of this site have no foresight. All yall niggas wanna do is bump anything that looks familiar. Step out of your comfort zone and open your mind a little bit. search "Play Boy McFly"
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He's a dope ass producer y'all!!

YO! Kajmir's dope! check out a PROmo cut over one of his beats titled "you're the 1" (FIND @ YOUTUBE.COM/TalentDisplay) DAMN Y'ALL ARE STRAIGHT HATING ON CO. HUH? The reason why it's titled "Internet Entrepreneur" is cause of the homie's numbers on his page. homie's at like 40,000,000! TALENT DISPLAY dot NET (Come thru.. check out some good music y'all) DON'T WORRY BOUT THE HATERS KAJMIR KEEP GRINDING PUMPIN THOSE BEATS OUT, SWIZZ BEATS BE FEELING YOUR WORK AS WELL AS COOL & DRE HOLLA AT YA BOY! >>> TalentDisplay

this niggas a beast

this niggas a beast producer, but his beats are too expensive and dont try and loop the songs to make the beat cuz dis niggas srs and he will sue your ass, he produced half the songs on the guddavile mixtape.
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im gonna wait on this 1

never heard of this artist...need more feedback,so far its 50-50
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Gayhar the bitch
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Slept on..

Ya'll need to not sleep on dude, he got some SERIOUS GOOD on this tape.. it's all Netique stuff, but it's pretty much shit we all know about so it aint like you gonna be a nerd listening to it, it's well done, very well done, every Netique word we use nowadays on the web is almost ingeniously used in his lyrics.
Props to em, probably got a new fan in me
8/10.. Production, rap skills, and the tape is Studio Drop Quality, this is a treat
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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ill try it out. personally i

ill try it out. personally i like to hear new styles on the regular. im always lookin for somethin different to listen to...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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yo i cant sell dis nigga,

yo i cant sell dis nigga, but i listen 2 him 4 myself i hope he blow shit i need variety i need more money
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Gentlemen for once we had a Phucking mature debate. Give youselfs a pat on tha back. We need more of shyt like this. lol
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Oh, I'm d/l right now.

Oh, I'm d/l right now.