Benja Styles & E-Ness - Philly United (Sound Of The Streets Vol 1)


Shout to Benja Styles!

NESS ( to bring you this brand new Philly

The mixtape is hosted by E NESS with brand new music from Philly artists, new E
NESS freestyles, and exclusive BENJA STYLES remixes.

Get ready for the E NESS vs MYSONNE rap battle in NYC.

Log on to for more details.

The battle's starts at 5pm Saturday September 27th.

1.E Ness Intro
2.E Ness "I Got Next"
3.Peedi Crakk "More Towels"(World Premiere)
4.Cassidy "How Real Is This"
5.Cyssero "Swag It Out"
6.E Ness & Oschino "James Brown"
7.Young Chris & Omilio Sparks Freestyle
8.Jakk Frost "I Like It"
9. Freeway "A2b"
10.Wale Ft Young Chris, Freeway, Beanie Sigel "Cyphr 08" (Produced By Dre &
11.E Ness "Time"
12.Gage "Look In The Mirror"
13.E Ness Interlude #1
14.Dj L Ft Junior Reid, Sheek Louch & Cassidy "Take It To The Top"
15.Cassidy "Apply Pressure"
16. Tone Trump "Thug'n"
17.E Ness "You Don't Know Me"
18.Jakk Frost, Peedi Crakk, Young Hot, Tana Da Beast "Do It For Ya'll"(World
19.Mike Knox "Flip A Clip"
20.Gillie Da Kid "Be Careful What You Wish For"
21.Jakk Frost "Ride On Ya'll"
22.E Ness "U Don't Wanna Battle Me"
23.Young Chris "Bullets" (Benja Styles Mix)
24.Freeway "Why Not"
25.Mikkey Halsted Ft Gillie Da Kid & Ab Liva "Till I Die"
26.E Ness Interlude #2
27.Vic Damone Ft Cassidy "Did That"
28.E Ness "All Out War"
29.Young Chris & Neef "Step Your Grind Up" (Benja Styles Mix)
30.E Ness "The Thug In Me"
31.E Ness "I'm In Rare Form
32.Jakk Frost, Oschino, Young Hot, N.H. "We Ridin"
33.Jazmine Sullivan "Bust The Windows" (Ladies Record)
34.E Ness Outro

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Pure trash!


Guest322 wrote:
Pure trash!
Damn 4real. Iuse to fuc with ness. thats some funny shit. peace

yup yup yup yup..............................yup

this here no good.


You guys posting hater comments sound gay! you like sucking dick, don't you! philly has the best mc's!
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I love philly... i grew up there.. but u can't be serious...


fukk a hater 215 all day badlandz wutz good

horrible music

horrible music. these rappers are just repeating what a lot of other rappers already talked about. nothing new.

Fuck E-Ness

Mayne PHUCK! this foo Ness, he wuz done when he caught himself tryna work 4 Diddy. Errbody know Diddy ain't a real nigga n if u feel different fuck u
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fuck eness!!!

if u wanna hear a real monstah...look 4 rock(heltah skeltah) aka rockness monstah's mixtape "shell shock"!!!! heltah skeltah CD "d.i.r.t" coming soon!!! BK PUNKAZZNIGGAZ

soon?? i've had it 3 days

soon?? i've had it 3 days now

no bitch ass ness

guess thats why diddy made them shirts

i was expecting AR AB to be

i was expecting AR AB to be in this mixtape............. 85% of the track in this is super whack! E NESS??? GET THE THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!