Mr Focus - I Hate Mondays (Hosted By DJ Dammit)


1.I Hate Mondays (Intro) (Prod By Daren Joseph)
2.Bounce With Me (Prod By Kajmir Royale)
3.Im Still Fly (Prod By Julkeyz Productions)
4.On The Corner Ft Mr Focus & Praise (Prod By Ron Browz)
5.Transformers (Prob By The Puzzle Productions)
6.Boobs (Interlude)
7.Flight School Freestyle
8.Addiction (Prod By Kingsmen Production)
9.Something I Like (Prod By Ryan Leslie)
10.Good Girl Ft Fedarro & Praise (Prod By Freqbeatz)
11.Day-N-Nite Freestyle
12.Space Love Ft Praise (Prod By Heavy Weight Beats)
13.How We Do Ft Haz Raheem & Praise
14.The Monster
15.The Futrue (Prod By Daren Joseph)
16.Hit Me Up Ft XV (Prod By Kingsmen Productions)
17.I Never Change Ft Praise (Prod By Flashbeats)
18.Fendi,Prada Ft Praise
19.Memories Ft Haz Raheem (Prod By Hygrade)

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aint a bad cd...there aint

aint a bad cd...there aint nothin that really separates him from another'almost there' artist. Hes missin something
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Track 08 'Im Addicted' Who

Track 08 'Im Addicted' Who does the original?