Nicki Minaj - Who Is Minaj


01 - Bottoms Up Feat Trey Songz
02 - Teqkilla Remix Feat Mia
03 - Everywhere We Go Feat Lil Kim
04 - Hello Good Morning Feat Rick Ross Diddy Ti
05 - Letting Go Feat Sean Kingston
06 - Up All Night Feat Drake
07 - Woohoo Feat Christine Aguilera
08 - Your Love
09 - She Likes Me Feat Jadakiss
10 - Hold Yah Feat Gyptian
11 - All I Do Is Win
12 - Dang A Lang Feat Trina Lady Saw
13 - Barbie Girl
14 - In My Head Feat Jason Derulo
15 - Massive Attack

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me 1st

This is gonna be epic. My bitch is gonna love me for this. I am gonna get it good............................................


tell him to be gentle, lmao...
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...... nah, was gonna comment but nevermind. It woulda been too easy.


yo dweezy, that dude looks like the last ass-bender hahahahaha,playing track 1 over and over
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~Sig~ Nawlinz gumbo-fuse everywhere we go!, TampOrleans, AtlanOrleans, MiamOrleans, HoustOrleans, MemphOrleans, New YOrleans, Los AngelOrleans, OhiOrleans, TorontOrleans, OrlandOrleans, DallOrleans, PhillidelphOrleans. ~sig~
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That shit was too funny. Hahahaha.
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LMmuthaFAO!!! Nuff said! Co-sign homie!

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crazysam wrote:
that dude looks like the last ass-bender hahahahaha
I normally stay the fuck off a Nikki tape but that shit was funny
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uh dis bitch is boring.. i never understood the hype with dis hoe she so ugly, she look like a fukin tranny with all those wigs and weaves she wears. i hate niggas that call her sexy and blow up her head, when she ugly. wasnt her sextape supposed to drop? wtf is it? she better drop it cuz she losing my interest not that had that much in the first place anyway.
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i only see like two tracks i

i only see like two tracks i havent heard. i mean do we realy need 'in my head' remix on this mixtape just turn on the radio and wait about 15 min. i realy like nicki and she needs to be like lil wayne and drop new tracks every week heheh!
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Who is Minaj?

In my opinion the most overrated female rapper ever. Drake is the second most overrated Female artist ever. People ride her ass cause she with lil wayne! Johnny C


wanna hear some new missy elliot with hot timbo beats..i just DL a "best of"tape,where she at?
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Not my flavour!

I don't fuck wit Nicky Minaj. I tried to, but she is wack IMO. She's trying to be the Lil Kim of 2010-AINT HAPPNING! There's only one Queen Bee, Biggies bitch! I like Keys and Kanary Diamonds, they both got more skills then this wack bitch. Kanary has the flow. Keys goes hard at Nicky Minaj on Youtube, check it here if you aint seen it: Official Vid: unofficial: *******REAL RECOGNISE REAL*******
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lil kim said

lil kim said she will always be the queen, even if she never sell another album...female rappers never could get alone....

man yall niggas some clowns.

man yall niggas some clowns. shyt its one thing not to fuck wit her if she suckd, but yall niggas just hatin on da bitch. i dont even fck wit da YM movement but how yall gonna hate just bc she a female who aint only gotta talk bout fuckin/suckin everbody or bout how much she a bad bitch every song. dis bitch got better lyrics den most niggas in a era dat aint bout nuthn but punchlines n yall STILL hatin. fuck outta here
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Fuck Yeah

i couldnt have said it better myself!
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I wont hate on her... I like her shit for a female rapper. She gets creative. But she does make too much material as a guest on other peoples shit I think which is getting her over played. People will get burned out fast of any artist if they are everywhere we look.

and its niggas dats gonna

and its niggas dats gonna hate regardless just bc dey aint doin it big. yall niggas dat call yaself comin to a nicki mixtape just to bash on da bitch need more time in yall life. these my first 2 post eva but i just found some of yall comments funny as hell. real definition of haters. u dont like her, ur choice not to listen, raggin on a mixtape page knowin u got no interest in da mixtape is called HATIN.