Keyz & Young Money - Gangland 9

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01 Drake - All Night Long
02 Lil Wayne - Currency
03 Nicki Minaj - I Think She Likes Me
04 Drake - Find Your Love
05 Lil Wayne - We Gon Get Paid
06 Nicki Minaj - All I Do Is Win
07 Drake - Made
08 Lil Wayne - Wtf
09 Nicki Minaj - Hold Yuh
10 Drake - Get Over It
11 Lil Wayne - Drip
12 Nicki Minaj - For The Money
13 Drake - Dial Tone
14 Jae Millz & Lil Wayne - Pussy Niggaz
15 Nicki Minaj - I Bought That
16 Drake - Shorty Gridin
17 Gudda Gudda & Lil Wayne - I Don't Like The Look Of It
18 Nicki Minaj - Woohoo
19 Drake Feat. Jhene - July
20 Lil Wayne - Back To The Money
21 Nicki Minaj - Stilettos & T-Shirt
22 Drake - Over
23 Tyga & Lil Wayne - I'm On It
24 Gudda Gudda & Lil Wayne - Small Thing To A Giant
25 Nicki Minaj Feat. Sean Garrett - Massive Attack
26 Drake - Fall For Your Type
27 Lil Wayne - My Generation
28 Nicki Minaj - In My Head
29 Drake - Girl Let Me
30 Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyalty
31 Drake Feat. The Dream - Shut It Down
32 Tyga Feat. Chris Brown - G Shit
33 Drake - Fades Away
34 Lil Wayne - I'm Single
35 Tyga Feat. Chris Brown - Holla At Me
36 Shanell Feat. Jae Millz - Tell Me
37 Drake Feat. Colin Munroe - Cannon Ball
38 Lil Wayne - Whip It
39 Drake - Rock & Roll
40 Lil Wayne - Tattoo Foreva

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dninc's picture

Another YM Compilation...

(☻\/☻)..... ..... .... .... ... .. Sniff a few lines
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
bole420's picture

she scare me

man nicki scares me just think if she be given you some head and start maken them funny rap faces while sucking the head of your dick....i may start yelln for moms for help....haha
TexxasMade512's picture

You must not fuck with them

You must not fuck with them crazies...thats where the fire pussy is at **I dont smoke phillies, pass me a swisha**
bole420's picture

she past crazy

that bitch is looney....
pinkkdiamond's picture

good job

the cd is bangin' no dj talkin' threw it could have blended the songs tho ......PINKK-DIAMOND214
Mr.Southwest's picture

Danm She Sexy

I Swear I would try to feel on her ass, or something, and of course get one of my goons to jump the security guards..lmao! ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
d wEEZY 1's picture

Feel on her ass???

what are you, fucking 11 yrs old? maybe one of your goons would DARE you or DOUBLE DARE you to grab her booby next!
Mr.Southwest's picture

It was a joke nikka, but since you talking shit,

ima leave ya job less ass alone, You wouldnt want my goons to go where you at,Im Like Z-ro I aint taken no loss ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
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k clown...
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suck a dick you e-thug butt buccaneer
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wow yous a fuckin bird.

wow yous a fuckin bird. goons as in da buddylist squad?
slimwiz101's picture

Ill take my chance with her,

Ill take my chance with her, If all goes wrong knock a bitch out (if you not a bitch then don't get offended)...
mynameisqiana's picture

they cant possibly have this

they cant possibly have this much new music to be droppin this many tapes from young money.... "No Signature Required and Dont Need A Cosigner"
Flint_Seraphim's picture


From the looks of it a 40 track (!) YM compilation..impressive work KEYZ. Nice way to jump on the for Nicki, she scares me. Not sure why she is the cover. She's not really anything new and comes off a tad maniacal. Strictly, IMO of course.
-For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.
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dj keys

makes good cd's young money baybee PINKK-DIAMOND214