Jay-Z & MIDIMarc - The Newprint

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01-jay-z_and_midimarc-the_rulers_back.mp3 3.79 MB
02-jay-z_and_midimarc-take_over.mp3 5.06 MB
03-jay-z_and_midimarc-h_to_the_izzo.mp3 4.03 MB
04-jay-z_and_midimarc-girls_girls_girls.mp3 4.59 MB
05-jay-z_and_midimarc-jigga_that_nigga.mp3 3.82 MB
06-jay-z_and_midimarc-u_dont_know.mp3 2.65 MB
07-jay-z_and_midimarc-hola_hovito.mp3 3.99 MB
08-jay-z_and_midimarc-aint_no_love.mp3 4.80 MB
09-jay-z_and_midimarc-change.mp3 4.12 MB
10-jay-z_and_midimarc-song_cry.mp3 4.80 MB
11-jay-z_and_midimarc-mama_loves_me.mp3 3.51 MB

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MIDIMarc mixtapes

Opinions needed! Are any of these good? If so, which one's, and why?

a lot of peeps at mixfiend

a lot of peeps at mixfiend are feeling these midimarc remixes

There's only 11 tracks.

There's only 11 tracks. Kinda pointless to download.

blueprint is only 13 tracks,

blueprint is only 13 tracks, whats your point?
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How can you make a comment like that if you don't even know how many tracks the orginal had...the only ones missing are "Renegade" & "All I Need"...this is one of the best remix albums I've heard, I appreciate it for what it's for...if it was 3 tracks..it's still would be crack if it's 3 tracks that are on here... http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r176/BFBTrip/stillmatic.jpg

yea good point, n i don't

yea good point, n i don't mind that he left out "Renegade" because that track is CRACK originally! "Why in the club you don't make it precipitate, you know make it rain when you can make it thunderstorm, I'm like, why, the world needs sun, the hood needs funds, there's a war goin on and half the battle is guns. How dare I throw it on the floor, when people are poor." -Real Shit.

this tape was hot. ain't

this tape was hot. ain't gonna go wrong wit the old jay stay real