MIDIMarc Presents - No Lyrics Necessary Volume 1

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01 Bettina Bonita.mp3 4.34 MB
02 Our Love Yeah.mp3 2.50 MB
03 You're Right As Rain.mp3 5.40 MB
04 You Better Believe It.mp3 2.26 MB
05 Winelight.mp3 2.61 MB
06 Travelin Man.mp3 2.38 MB
07 We Must Be In Love (Snippet).mp3 1.73 MB
08 The Look Of Love.mp3 1.96 MB
09 Just Freedom.mp3 4.25 MB
10 I'm So Proud of You.mp3 4.06 MB
11 Birthday Hodge.mp3 3.86 MB
12 I'm Sorry.mp3 2.60 MB
13 The Ghetto.mp3 3.49 MB
14 The Now.mp3 2.23 MB
15 Change Gone Come.mp3 2.89 MB
16 Weeping Guitar.mp3 4.71 MB
17 Umm Well.mp3 2.67 MB
18 Hustler Music (Snippet).mp3 1.48 MB
19 Give It All You've Got.mp3 2.20 MB
20 Whats In Your Life For Me (Snippet).mp3 1.87 MB
21 When You Come To The End.mp3 2.03 MB

nolyricsnecessary.torrent20.76 KB

if any1 wonder what this

if any1 wonder what this is... its really just beats, mostly based on soul and funk samples but thats pretty much what i like

Soulful, I like this very

Soulful, I like this very much, a must have for people who know real music.Keep up the good work Midi.

Tryin to get some more tracks

who ever made deez beats get at me wit the quickness cuz most of them is hot fire wow i love it hahahah hit me up in a email thaking782001@yahoo.com


man wow..i've wrote off 4 of these track only had the cd for 2 hours! GET AT ME!!!!

yep this nigga is lame

yep this nigga is lame

You are all lame lets just

You are all lame lets just get that straight. Try typing correctly and not being so ignorant or lazy or whatever you want to call it.
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Look at you nigga judging

Look at you nigga judging other niggas comments, judge the music. I thought your mommy taught you good home training.