Boaz - The Manuscript


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01 Break Down
02 Story To Tell
03 Gettin Mine Snippet
04 Cause You Pain
05 Sometime Today Snippet
06 Livin Large
07 The Art Of Storytelling
08 I Hustle
09 time Is Money
10 Hardcore Hip-Hop
11 A Better Man
12 Magic
13 Survivor
14 Never
15 Go Hard
16 This Is How
17 Crazy World Snippet

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FIRST bitchs 519 all day

FIRST bitchs 519 all day everyday.....

I gotta letter from the

I gotta letter from the Govament, the other day/ Open'd and read it, it said they was Suckas!
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Corn Cob, Hillbilly State and All that follows:

Have heard some shit(and I mean that in a good way) on here. And some got me going and some, well, weren't worth the download. That said....THIS SHYT IS BANGING. BANGING TO WHERE I CAN GET FUCKED UP AND WON'T BE ASHAMED OF PLAYING IT IN THE CAR. NOW I KNOW WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE. HI,DRUNK THINKING WE R THE SHYT UNTIL THE NEXT WACK ASS SONG COMES ON. (sorry 4 the caps, needed 2 make a point)Point is, in case u miss it. Brother is doing his thing. Samples, ok. But who don't?His style and delivery is good. Very good. NOW.............I won't say his name. But....u know who u r, step ur game up. else. u be signed with Diddy......and have NOTHING TO SHOW 4 IT. 1

It is a good mixtape

It is a good mixtape ??

Yo mfizzle you got ne of

Yo mfizzle you got ne of boaz other shit or anybody in the govament or ne of dj shefs mixtapes? really like 2 see there shit get put out from pittsburgh and been listenin 2 the govament for a minute now they remiind me of like a dipset wen they were hungry