Young Chris & Mick Boogie - The Newprint

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1) The C-Lude
2) Dead Presidents
3) Excuse Me Miss
4) Newprint Interlude
5) What More Can I Say
6) A Week Ago
7) Allure
Newprint Interlude
9) Big Brother
10) Never Change
11) Secret Weapon
12) This Can’t Be Life (f/ Pooda Brown)
13) Newprint Interlude
14) Threats
15) A Million And One
16) Guess Who’s Back (f/ Pooda Brown)
17) Bonus Track: Roc Boys Remix (f/ Jay-Z)

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yo this shit aight... dude

yo this shit aight... dude like a young bleek if Jay treat em right he could be somethin...

Young Bleek?....Fuck is on

Young Bleek?....Fuck is on ya mind duke? Chris is the next young nigga to blow. Dude is wild talented.
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chris is a philly cat so i

chris is a philly cat so i am bias 2 like him but hes def not the next 2 blow up sorry 2 say