Lil Wayne - The Suffix

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1. DJ Khaled Intro
2 . Get 'Em Off Me
3 . You Don't Know Weezy (Spark Up Da Ganja)
4. Diamonds On My Neck (Get Your Nature Up)
5. Damage Is Done
6. Fireman
7. Weezy F. Baby
8. I'm A Motherfuckin' Menace
9. Soul Survivor feat. Mac Maine
10 . New Orleans
11. Blowing Up Fast
12. '93 '94 Baby feat. Baby
13. Suffix
14. Anything
15. Give Head feat. Mac Maine & Currency
16. Money In Da Bank
17. We Da Kings feat. Mac Maine & Currency
18. DJ Khaled Outro

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the hottest mixtape eva

the hottest mixtape eva
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yea dude

damn suffix suffix suffix all day son....i have played this tape through track to track, from the beginning to end, over a dozen times it just doesn't get odd, suffix gets 5 stars....this shit gooooess hard i dont know what else to say, these shit right here is FIIIIREEE its really is the hottest shit out, but dont take my word for it see for yourself....granted you will be playing this tape over and over and over again I'm ambidextrous I slap ass with both hands.

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Really Enjoyed the site guys


oneatatime Jacob =-(


Keep looking I have just read your site and quite frankly I have a large frog in my throat Dawson %OO


Very HelpfulHow Do You Do that?


Nicely Done Guys, Youre The BestI have Many Things To Show


i think this is on of the best album ever by lil wayne and i also send this song to my friends as a christmas greetings
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Honestly Im redownloading

Honestly Im redownloading this from the gap and i can't believe its still seeding! thx alot