Mack Maine - The Laxative (Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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The Young Money President teams up with DJ ill Will & DJ Rockstar to drop his new Official Mixtape "The Laxative" including new and some older unreleased music. Features include Lil Wayne, Jae Millz, T-Pain, Kid Cudi, Snoop Dogg, Lloyd, Gorilla Zoe & MORE!!!

1. (00:03:13) Mack Maine - Young Money, Cash Money
2. (00:04:19) Mack Maine - Ghetto Commandments feat T-Pain & Snoop Dogg
3. (00:03:22) Mack Maine - We Do This (Top of the Dome Freestyle)
4. (00:03:13) Mack Maine - Young Mulah Baby feat Gorilla Zoe (Prod by KE)
5. (00:04:11) Mack Maine - Up Jumps Da Boogie
6. (00:03:31) Mack Maine - Viktory feat Jae Millz & Lil Wayne
7. (00:05:00) Mack Maine - Nathin
8. (00:04:25) Mack Maine - Coach
9. (00:03:34) Mack Maine - What You Want feat Lloyd
10. (00:05:22) Mack Maine - My Reality feat Lil Wayne (Prod by Timbaland)
11. (00:01:41) Mack Maine - Funny Style feat Kid Cudi
12. (00:04:16) Mack Maine - Bitch I'm From New Orleans feat Lucci Lou
13. (00:04:07) Mack Maine - Groundhog Day feat Mayday, Ghostwridah & Cee-Lo
14. (00:04:24) Mack Maine - Moonshine
15. (00:03:49) Mack Maine - I'm In Love
16. (00:03:54) Mack Maine - Pom Pom's
17. (00:05:32) Mack Maine - Smash Session feat Boo
18. (00:03:33) Lil Wayne - 30 Minutes to New Orleans [Bonus]

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the only reason to get this mixtape holy crap!


agreed. its a good song.
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30 Minutes to New Orleans??

That shit is maad old! mack maine go in most of the time,So ima check this out.
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I cant stand this faggot! Pass
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Whole Mixtape is old

Whole Mixtape is old, Maine Mixtapes be having way too many features on em for me and nigga really can't rap if you ask me, and it has Kid Cudi on it.. so it's a pass.
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I take that Back, this shit

I take that Back, this shit is wack.

Stop frontin bitch

you know your fat taco eatin azz luv this shit!
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Lol what?!

Lol Dont get mad because the Cowgirls got there ass handed to em by the Giants last monday! Yall fucking suck now Without Romo, Oh well on to the next Team..The Colts P.S Dont Pm me again you fag!
Screw_ wrote:
you know your fat taco eatin azz luv this shit!
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LMAO!! Wait... ???? You

LMAO!! Wait... ???? You was just a cowboys fan 3 or 4 weeks ago and now you clownin and turned into a Colts fan? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! imma call you pancake. ol'e flip ass.
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haha confused mothafucka

all i ever see is this guy southwest talkin some bull shit, suck an egg u faggot. u know damn well u got a romo jersey and u was wearing that shit during the game, i just wish it was you that got ya collarbone broken. ~DIVIDE AND CONQUER~
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.... - Here's the thread where he was a cowboy's fan.. (30 comments down and right under screw_'s "yO!?" comment) That bitch is soooo fake i just want to stab him in the back of the neck and deflate his fat ass!
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That nigga has the worst

That nigga has the worst identity crisis i've EVER seen. He don't know who, what, or where he is.~from 757 to 214 p town to d town~
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He a little fukin bitch is

He a little fukin bitch is all he is. Im hoping he die of a heart attack here soon. He tryin to tell me on his little account hes coming back to the Atown to kick my ass. He straight bitch, never did explain why i couldnt find any mexicans on richmand st when i went down there
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dats that fat jack-in-the-box eatin ass nigga alright thats what he looks like for real lmao~from 757 to 214 p town to d town~


" - Bitch I'm MC Hammah!...I'mma'bout Cream! "
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oh lawd

i'll judge for myself, yall niggas stupid mack be goin in (ballin remix)(old but he still went in). Let me see...
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not feelin this shit at

not feelin this shit at all!!!!!!!!!!AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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hey, i'm the new Voice. do we have any Speakers?

who here Listened to this in its entirety? what'd you Hear? what is Politics (election/reelection), as Usual? i just finished my first run of the tape and this is definitely a laxative.. and better, The Laxative. i swear, YM, 4sho(say it like the 40yr old virgin), has diarrhea of the mouth, clip, pocket, etc.. Whatever. Up jumps Da boogie: to me, this is like a politician's ad.. and it says, LET YOUR REPRESENTER, REPRESENT YOU.. HOLD YA NIGGAS DOWN! i'm done. .repdom.

it may be old

it may be old but is it fackin gd

...Well the title fits...I'll let you tell'it

" - Bitch I'm MC Hammah!...I'mma'bout Cream! "
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HOOD KING'S 3.1.3 Boy ya'll don't play when it come's 2 da music 100.
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The Cover Say It All... N Not In A Good Way

Track #1 "Young Money, Cash Money". Track #4 "Young Mulah Baby". Track #9 "What You Want. Track #14 "Moonshine". Track #16 "Pom Pom's". 1/5 Ain't feelin this nigga, he ain't talkin bout nothing. Blood must of been high of something making this mixtape cause this sound like straight up shit.