DJ Smallz - Curren$y & Mack Maine: G-Series Vol. 1

DJ Smallz drops the first volume in the G-Series which has 18 exclusive
tracks from Young Money's beast on the mic Mack Maine (Maine For
President) and Curren$y aka. Hot Spitta. Get behind the Young Money
Movement with this Special Edition Southern Smoke which also features
some guest appearances from the Birdman, Remy Ma and Lil' Wayne.

1 - DJ Smallz & Mack Maine – G-Series Intro
2 - Curren$y & Mack Maine – I’m A G
3 - Curren$y – Fly Spitta
4 - Mack Maine – Southern Smoke
5 - Mack Maine – I Freestyle For Real
6 - Curren$y & Mack Maine – Side To Side
7 - Curren$y, Mack Maine & Lil’ Wayne – Ridin’ With That K
8 - Curren$y, Mack Maine & Lil’ Wayne – Poppin’ Them Bottles
9 - Curren$y & Mack Maine – Ball Bats
10 - Mack Maine – Get To Know Smallz
11 - Curren$y feat. Lil’ Wayne & Remy Martin – Where Da Cash At
12 - Curren$y & Mack Maine & CT – Jazzy Bitch
13 - Curren$y & Mack Maine, Lil’ Wayne & Birdman – Shovelin’ Snow
14 - Mack Maine – Pay Attention!
15 - Curren$y & Mack Maine – Dro
16 - Mack Maine - Hollygrove Roll Call
17 - Curren$y & Mack Maine – I Don’t Need You
18 - Mack Maine – Worst Part Of The Mixtape
19 - Lil’ Wayne – Hustler Musik


downloading torrents from here

hi new to this site and have a problem d/l files here. when i click on the attachment for the torrent i get an error on azureus but this is the only place i have ever had this error everywhere else works fine. anyone know anything about this? help would be appriciated greatly, thanks

thankx man

thankx man

you talking to me

you talking to me

Yeah you can just open on

Yeah you cant just open on this site you actually gotta save it first and then open when your done downloading on azureus you can delete it



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you niggas is dumb

weezy wrecks and killed da fuck out dat verse wtf is yall smoking

probleme to d/l

I got the same problem
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Curren$y & Mack Maine

No Doubt these dudes are spitin or else they wouldn't be with Lil Wayne. I know this Mixtape is the shit. Im STL's Next Big Rapper...get @ me

tight album

these bouys spit str8 heat

young money is on da spot

young money is on da spot

its very nice

its very nice

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i cant download this becuase

i cant download this becuase apprently newly registered users dont have that right

how long are we supposed 2

how long are we supposed 2 wait b4 we can get it i mean cause i can't dl eitha

this tape is not available

this tape is not available for download

how about a re-up? this one

how about a re-up? this one is a classic
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dammn this mixtape looks

dammn this mixtape looks good but why can't we download it? there is no "attachment 1" link...




y is there no link for

y is there no link for download, mixtape just by the track listing seems dope


this tape needs a re up. come thru with that hook up

how di i get this link for

how di i get this link for this torrent