DJ 5150 Presents Master P & Birdman - Definition Of A Hustler


1. Master P - Tmz
2. Birdman - Money And The Power Feat Bun B
3. Master P - Trending Topic Feat Gucci Mane & Romeo
4. Birdman - Everything I Do Feat Lil Wayne & Mack Maine
5. Master P - Money Flow Feat Black Done, Romeo, D-Money
6. Birdman - I'mma Stunna Feat Mack Maine
7. Master P - Reloaded Feat Bengie B, Tbo, Miss Chee
8. Birdman - Every Summer Feat Mack Maine
9. Google Me Feat. Romeo, Miss Chee
10. Birdman - Luxury Life
11. Master P - Brinks Feat Gucci Mane

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Baby Vs Master P.. (P still wins)- Lyrically.

Thats wild how Master P can still destroy Baby Lyrically and still find Nice production and he aint been makin bread since 99..
Wayne bout to make Baby a Billionaire in the next 5-10 years and he can't find a decent ghost writer, At least he get on some of the finest beats on the planet tho, i would not even have this shit turned up anywhere if he didn't have some of the best Production money could buy.
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P still gets money...

dninc wrote:
Thats wild how Master P can still destroy Baby Lyrically and still find Nice production and he aint been makin bread since 99..
P owns a few McDonalds and im sure makes a killing on itunes. No Limit made so many tracks. i prefer the Richmond California style Master P better than the Down South P. But that what I heard 1st back in like 94. West Coast Bad Boys 1 is the shit...
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Fah sho, didn't know he

Fah sho, didn't know he owned those Mcdonalds thought he had some investments tied into them, I know he got his TV network he was suppose to Launch this year but dunno what happened to it.. called BBTV (Better Black TV).. To compete with BET and be solely BLACK owned and ran, the Website is up but haven't heard much about it.. I know he lookin for a Webdesigner so i hit his email up to try and nab that Web design gig would love to do the Graphic and Web Design work for what some call a Legend in the Rap Game.

That nigga is a legend, he

That nigga is a legend, he was selling tapes & CD's like crack straight up 2 or 3 a week n some going plat or gold these young niggas don't know bout his hustle ethics.


Man wtf happen to bet it fucking sucks now. I aint watch bet in months real talk!
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BET got took over a while ago by the power that be.

White Folks took BET Over to try and control what we listen to, BET is owned by Viacom which is owned by ClearChannel which also own's VH1 and MTV. It's all one big jerkle circle now.
BET use to have good shit on it, real rap, real host, now it's some Soda Pop sweet Rap Nigga's, with faggot ass host that continue to help manipulate the young minds into forcing them to be white with Mohawks, Skinny Jeans, Slang like "Rad, Totally cool, Awesome, etc." The Giant Mind fuck stations have done a number on the youths.. notice no more real hard Hood music ever plays on that Network now or heavily Lyrical shit?