Master P - TMZ (Too Many Zeros) (Hosted By Greg Street)


01 Master P Feat. Romeo, Bengie B, T.E.C. & Miss Chee - Tmz Too Many Zeros [Prod. By Mike Nef]
02 Master P Feat. T.E.C., Black Don & Miss Chee - I'm On Ya [Prod. By Mike Nef]
03 Playa Feat. T.E.C., Black Don & Master P - Bury Me [Prod. By Riley J]
04 Bengie B Feat. T.E.C., Master P & Gangsta - We Out Ch'here [Prod. By Mike Nef]
05 Romeo Feat. Master P - Keep It Real
06 Black Don Feat. Bengie B, Gangsta & Master P - Grind All Night [Prod. By Chip]
07 Master P Feat. Miss Chee - Boyfriend & Girlfriend [Prod. By Mike Nef]
08 T.E.C. Feat. Master P - My Potnas [Prod. By Deezy & Chip]
09 Miss Chee Feat. T.E.C. - Get It In [Prod. By Mike Nef]
10 Master P Feat. T.E.C., Eastwood, G5-J, Romeo, Bengie B & Miss Chee - I Can Smell The Money [Prod. By Mike Nef]
11 Pallo Da Jiint Feat. Master P, T.E.C. & Bengie B - [Prod. By Chip & Micki Gunz]
12 Master P Feat. Bengie B, Romeo & Valentino - Meagan Good [Prod. By Chip]
13 T-Bo Feat. Romeo - Fed Up [Prod. By $-Co & Chip]
14 Master P Feat. Gucci Mane & Romeo - Trending [Prod. By Mike Nef]
15 Master P Feat. Bengie B, T-Bo & Miss Chee - Reloaded
16 Krazy Feat. Master P, T.E.C. & Chip - R.I.P. [Prod. By Chip]

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I was gonna skip it. til streamed it..

heard it on Livemixtapes before downloadin it..
Im actually fuckin impressed, Master P aint really been Lyrical so throw that out the window already, but nigga know he can get on some beats that can carry the flow he do have.. The Production is mostly all tailored to him and they Sound REALLY good in the ride..
Some of the beats are kinda Reminiscent to Jeezy or Gucci Shit but not as redundant, the beats change up a lot more so you don't really get tired of it after the first minute..
I guess P taking charge of the Tank again since his Son don't know what the fuck he doing, nigga tried to bring in a bunch of untalented wanna-be Pop-Rappers and Skinny Jean wearin fags to the crew and P said "CUT THAT SHIT OUT SON".. Good job guiding your Empire back on course P.. Nigga sound like he really never lost a step


I aint going to lie.. I wanted to hate on this tape but this sh*t is too hard. Got that old feel to it with some kool beats. 8/10

Im waiting for the sparkly

Im waiting for the sparkly diamond covers from the 90's,hahaha uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh FREE C-MURDER!!!!

My shit is that"Playaz From

My shit is that"Playaz From The South Stack G'z" w UGK



I bet you like sucking lolly

I bet you like sucking lolly pops while you listen to your drake tape too

I bet you like sucking lolly

I bet you like sucking lolly pops while you listen to your drake tape too


please quit master p and ur son juss keep runin businesses dont rap let da yung niggaz have it they wild lol
Fireball's picture

I was going to hate on it

I was going to hate on it and more but downloaded it and listen to it, it sounds good. He fits right in.

What tha fuck is wrong wit

What tha fuck is wrong wit some of these people?? this mixtape go hard as fuck. The old P is back this shit bout it bout it...

This shit live!

Man thiz shit decent as hell!! Two thumbs up fuck the queers hatin on this.

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