Lil Wayne & DJ Khaled - The Suffix

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This tape is already up but this is the real one hosted by KHALED. The other one has parts of tracks missing...this is the whole CD.

1. DJ Khaled Intro
2. Get 'Em Off Me
3. You Don't Know Weezy (Spark Up Da Ganja)
4. Diamonds On My Neck (Get Your Nature Up)
5. Damage Is Done
6. Fireman
7. Weezy F. Baby
8. I'm A Motherfuckin' Menace
9. Soul Survivor feat. Mac Maine
10 . New Orleans
11. Blowing Up Fast
12. '93 '94 Baby feat. Baby
13. Suffix
14. Anything
15. Give Head feat. Mac Maine & Currency
16. Money In Da Bank
17. We Da Kings feat. Mac Maine & Currency
18. DJ Khaled Outro

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dont download this it has

dont download this it has 80kbps get this one...
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Weezy Baby .

Weezy Baby .
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this is

oh man this is not real because the actual one that came out had 23 songs so do not download this

dudes is right this isnt the

dudes is right this isnt the real sufffix if tou want to get it go the the first mixtape page that this website has and it will be there cos i found it like three weeks ago by mistake but damn this bring back those memories of weezy when he would drop bombs on every song he was on
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What would have been the purpose?

Why even try to reup it even if it is fake or real? No one wants this shit again lol.. i had this shit laying in the back of my SUV seat pocket for the longest, if i wanted to hear it again i'd dig back there and pop it in.. This was a waste of time..
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good lookin on da tape cuz

good lookin on da tape cuz dat otha 1 was dat fake ass secret storm shit. "ice hang 2 my cock damn near 2 my legs, so bitches gotta bobsled just 2 give me head"