DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Kay Slay - The Best Of Saigon

CLASSIC shit re-released!

DJ Whoo Kid teams up with DJ Kay Slay dropped this mixtape back
about three years ago with Saigon, and still ain't any mixtapes really
touching this.

1 - DJ Kay Slay Intro
2 - Favorite Things
3 - Contraband (remix: new 2nd verse)
4 - DJ Whoo Kid Freestyle
5 - Say Yes (produced by Alchemist)
6 - If…(My Mommy)
7 - Monsterz (produced by DJ Honda)
8 - Abandoned Nation (Da Yard) feat. Atrocity & Rough
9 - Billie Rae Thug
10 - Drama King Freestyle pt.1
11 - Drama King Freestyle pt.2 (Lil Niggaz)
12 - Troopin' (Sugar Pie Honey Buns)
13 - Letter To Omnipotent
14 - DJ Kay Slay Interlude
15 - DJ Whoo Kid Freestyle
16 - What Am I Gonna Do
17 - My Life feat. Rough
18 - Bust Ya Gunz feat. Tru-Life
19 - We Da Click (produced by Alchemist) feat. Twin (of Infamous Mobb)
20 - Foot Locker Spot
21 - Sai-Giddy Freestyle
22 - Sho'Nuff
23 - The Corner (produced by DJ Mark Ronson)
24 - Endangered Species feat. John Forte
25 - Saigon (Homegrown…)



I need this torrent..any one who's got it?


Whoeever has this torrent get at me
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where mfizzle please

where is the torrent ? it does not appear to be there you got me excited by the write up and zilch, nothing. is this the guy who was on Entourage? peace

you cant download tapes in

you cant download tapes in the mixtape directory