DJ Kay Slay & Papoose: Boyz In The Hood

The Drama King DJ Kay Slay is back with the NYC mixtape MVP and
Streetsweeper Prince, Papoose on his 11th official mixtape. If you've
not yet filled yourself in, these mixtapes play more like real albums due
to the exclusive material created for each project. This time around the
Brooklyn bad boy tears down another 20+ tracks & freestyles alongside
friends Green Lantern, Swizz Beats, J-Dilla, Scott Storch, D. Dot & more.

1 - DJ Kay Slay & Papoose Intro
2 - Now Or Never (produced by E-Dubb)
3 - The Boyz In The Hood (produced by DJ Kay Slay)
4 - Never Had A Bangout (produced by Frankie Cutlass)
5 - Russian Roulette (produced by DJ Kay Slay)
6 - Law Library Part 2 (produced by Reef)
7 - New Jack Stickup Kids Interlude
8 - Robbery Song (produced by DJ Green Lantern)
9 - Faces Of Death (produced by The Dream Team & DJ Kay Slay)
10 - Get Right feat. Busta Rhymes (produced by Swizz Beatz)
11 - Conceited (remix) feat. Remy Martin, Lil' Wayne & Trina (produced by Scott Storch)
12 - What You Know About Pap (produced by Toomp)
13 - Ridin' (remix) feat. Chamillionaire & Jae Millz (produced by Play-N-Skillz)
14 - Psycho feat. Busta Rhymes & Cassidy (produced by J-Dilla)
15 - Yeah That's Us feat. Thug-A-Cation (produced by E-Dubb)
16 - The Jacket Kings Interlude
17 - DJ Kay Slay & Gregstreet feat. Shaq Diesel, Papoose & Bun-B - Can't Stop The Reign 2006
18 - Where You At feat. Joe (produced by Steve Garret)
19 - Gonna Make A Change (produced by DJ Kay Slay)
20 - Play Ya Cards Right (produced by DJ Kay Slay)
21 - Be So Cold feat. Dre Robinson & Jae Millz (produced by Marcus DL)
22 - Juks feat. Labba & Busta Rhymes (produced by D. Dot)
23 - Crowded feat. Jeanie Ortega (produced by Stargate)
24 - DJ Kay Slay & Papoose Outro


Tcphilly's picture

i was waitin 4 this

i was waitin 4 this
south's picture

been waiting for this too...

papoose is the best young cat from up north, he spits that shit... now if only he could just get away from annoying ass busta rhymes.

yea yea

papoose is like 29 dude he's not young

been waiting 4 this

this that shit
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not bad...pap really needs

not bad...pap really needs to get behind some straight gangsta beats.. not these soft ass ones...but hes still my numba 1 man ~Reem~
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what it the best papoose has

what it the best papoose has dropped? im kinda new to this guy

New to Papoose?

Yo, check out his "Flashback" song. It was getting quite a bit of daytime airplay over here in NYC. Papoose is the truth
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This was real intresting, a pretty good mix of distinct beats, some slow some hype, but his flow is tight through it all. Overall I liked it. Worth the download. I'll be waitin for more of his shit. :)

This Mix is tight

Paps What u know about Pap is tight, this should have been the original
BossMon's picture

yea its dec

ye i don't like the soft shit but fukin the song "yeah that's us" with thug-a-cation is bombay
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Pap Is That Nigga!

I havent even listened to the mixtape and I know that the shit is hot just cause it's pap!

Nothin' needs to change!

Another perfect mixtape! Nothin needs to change about this mixtape masterpiece by the mixtape master papooose papoose! the beats are perfect for the type of lyrics pap is dropin and him and busta make a good one two punch if u ask me. 10/10 for this shit here! He and lupe are bright spots for the dying genre of rap. Pap keeps it street but like hes an old head, hes not just about drug dealin and gunplay, he kicks some smart shit too. thug-a-cation for sure nigga! LUPE, PAP, GNARLS BARKLEY!!!!!!!!!!!! let the good music go forth, ban d4l and d.f.b
youngneef's picture

i like

yeh i like pap but tha slow beats arent doin it :(
south's picture

soft beats?

yeah, what is up with the Michael Jackson and old 80's songs he be spitting too? still a tight CD though...
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How can you download this file ?
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Papoose is NY

Papoose is a lyricist no doubt. I know this mixtape is the shit, i aint even gotta listen to it. Im STL's Next Big Rapper...get @ me
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any good dl'in it?

how do i download?

how do i download?


papoose is de best lyricist







yo papoose woke rap up for

yo papoose woke rap up for me fifty introduced me to rap and i was fucking with him for a while i still am but when i hurd papoose on touch it (from busta rhymes) i start getting his shit i dont think no body is killing rap right now like papoose is hes up there with wayne real talk.Keep making those hits baby!!


How can i download this?!? I'm realy waiting for this one.

this mixtape is hot

this mixtape is hot