Papoose - Build Or Destroy

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1. Intro
2. Bang Bang [Produced By Sid Roams]
3. Ride Out (remix) feat. C-Murder [Produced By HHG]
4. Pop A Wheely [Produced By Certifyd]
5. Success [Produced By JR Rotem]
6. Goin To Da Bank Right Now [Produced By GQ Beats]
7. Destiny [Produced By Prime Tracks]
8. Chips [Produced By Prime Tracks]
9. Real Right feat. Thug A Cation [Produced By J Swift]
10. Flatline [Produced By E Dubb]
11. Interlude
12. Law Library [Produced By E Dubb]
13. Cherades 2 [Produced By Buc Wild]
14. I Like It feat. Debarge [Produced By DJ Kay Slay]
15. Sex You Up 2008 feat. Ray J [Produced By DJ Kay Slay]
16. Is It Good To You [Produced By E Dubb]
17. Cancel Christmas feat. Remy Ma [Produced By Sha Money XL]
18. Scream [Produced By E Dubb]
19. Outta Town
20. Pop Off [Produced By E Dubb]
21. Nothing's Changed [Produced By HHG]
22. Gift And A Curse [Produced By Certifyd]
23. Comprehend feat. Pete Rock [Produced By Pete Rock]
24. Pop Life [Produced By DJ Kay Slay]

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haha yesss another pap tape

haha yesss another pap tape :)
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'Chips' was poor quality on the last shit tho... hopefully this is an improvement.

somebody please give this

somebody please give this nigga a record deal hahaha i dnt think this nigga gone ever come out from the looks of it

OH aTe

YO CHECK IT SON max b. said "FUCK K SLAY HE A COKE HEAD" PAP GO IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay pap numba 20 now stop

Okay pap numba 20 now stop playin wit em.tha game aint ready but da nacirema baby. gt da ppl educated/thugacated. PAPOOSE PA-POOSE!!!!GO IN.50 should giv em a hunit mil or sumn i would.

Okay pap numba 20 now stop

Okay pap numba 20 now stop playin wit em.tha game aint ready but da nacirema baby. gt da ppl educated/thugacated. PAPOOSE PA-POOSE!!!!GO IN.50 should giv em a hunit mil or sumn i would.

Got lyrics ?

Got lyrics ?

who cares about paPOOPS

who cares about paPOOPS
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Nahhh man!! I realy expected a betta mixtape from P. after all this time! Realy dissapointed wit dis shit i'd say... The only trackz i'd save from this one would only be the "Law Library pt5", "Nothing changed" and " Comprehend" which def worth some attention. Besides from dat, hate to say dat dis shit is str8 garbage son! Pap my man u betta stop spendin your dough on wack ass producers and week beatz, u realy need beatz betta than these! And Kay Slay fuck him, cant u see he's not fuckin doing it anymore! I'm demn sure u know that niggaz in tha streetz is talkin fo real! u betta come up wit some hot shit next time! U represent the whole NY son, dont forget dat! should niggas trust u?? Once again i'll say that i hope this nigga keeps the raw shit for his album (if it ever drops) cause people's doupts bout are increasin everytime he drops out week shit like dis! peace

your an idiot pap is the

your an idiot pap is the best young mc out right now there aint alot of real lyricist left in the game so anthing drops apprciate it man peace
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lol pap a young rapper

that dude must be 30 years old

keep quiet

Papoose is the best out there right now.For all of you who doesn't understand the business,Papoose is a great artist who thinks for himself. He doesn't need the record industry a&r's to tell him what the people want. Get it, the big money doesn't dazzle his eyes,you can't tell a person who is creative and talented how to mc,look at the topics he hits.The man touches things other artist is scared to talk about,or is to watered down for you to get the real sense of the story being spoken.Nuff artist isn't on the level that Papoose is on.So before you critize no what your talking about before you type. A record deal to Pap is more an option to him.Plus real hustlers never go broke.

papoose!! nice mixtape! i

papoose!! nice mixtape! i have all of them.. paece
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that's why real people don't cry about the album - if u got the mixtapes then you already have a mountain of great music. i'm a picky motherfucker but I must have at least 6 albums worth of pure bangerz outta Pap so far...
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yea this shit aint all that

yea this shit aint all that law library prolly the hottest the way the beats are the only thing that keeps this dude alive!!! haha

it mad cool papoose uses

it mad cool papoose uses unheard of producers 4 his mixtapes and put their names on it.


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M MACK wrote:
haha people are so funny man...uncle murda? that guy will never ever be a contender in the rap game....he will be forgotten in a month Oh and Papoose you fucking idiot drop your album already dumbass...your not dr. dre
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motherfucking right Papoose ain't no Dre - Papoose can rap. so can Uncle Murda. forgotten in a month? nah. as for the album, we all had 20 mixtapes and that ain't the workrate of a 'idiot'.
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yeah Pap sure has a workrate

but this boring. I have a several Papoose mix tapes and never listen to them, after that track Scream, I was enthused about Pap. As for Uncle Murder, I always find myself coming back to Respect The Shooter and Too Hard For Hip Hop.
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real talk.. (this for kdude's comment)
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THAT FIRST TRACK IS FIRE!!!....Im loving this shit....nobody can fuck with pap....he is too versatile, too persistant, too talented, too real, and too niceee...there are alot of lyricist out BUT...they are not as persistant as pap....jay nas em, and a few others are the only established rappers that can fuck with paps lyrics....PERIOD...whats fucking with that....and ohh UNCLE WHO? what if hes street...there are literally millions of people more street than him(check any prison in america dumbass, so why is he special because he raps....murda is trash as a rapper, go be a stick up kid if thats what you say you are...stop being ignorant and saying that just because someone is "real", the are dope....that doesnt mean shit...let me hear some lyrics for real!!!..... "I Love a fat ass, but I'm a titty Man!"-papoose
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Blinded By the hype..

I think all ya realy blinded by the hype! thats obvious.. pap that pap this, uncle this, uncle that, weezy this weezy that! Some of ya realy should know to respect other people thoughts and views, and no mo'fucka i'm not 30 years old, not even close in fact! But I'm old enough to come 2 ya block wit my homies and get my respect up if u got one of course..So lets stop that. I can accept that there enough pap fans out there, but for the good of the hip hop please try to come out of your blindness and try to see the light! There crews and rappers out there wit real talent and no hype.. cause of this mixtape and music industry. Djs need to have their check cut to play them in their shit-y mixtape.. THAS THE SITUATION! if kay slay 2morrow starts bumpin Soulja Boy in his mixtape, most of ya "hardcore fanz" will love him the next day(History HAS confirmed that in the past)!! No doupt some of this rappers worth the attention but why dont we all wait to see what the future holds.. What i'm sayin is that i can tell at least 30 rappers i know that can freestyle pap, uncle, lil wayne and all that shit 2 death! For Christ sake there albums out there that realy on an other level than these so hyped up mofuckas!! NO disrespect i suggest to find the new EMC- THE SHOW album and see i'f anything can be compared wit all dis..I doupt if it'd be an album betta than that, this year! Stop ridin niggaz dick and try to discover real rap music, i mean REAL RAP MUSIC!
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jimmyvanis, everytime you open your mouth you got a fat Dipset dick in it. I ain't dissin Dipset but anyone with ears and a brain knows NOBODY in Dipset can fuck with Papoose so shut the fuck up. damn right you ain't 30 and it shows. what is this: "for the good of the hip hop please try to come out of your blindness and try to see the light" bullshit? comments like that are just outlandish - you must be a flamboyant homo type, always trying to shock people and shit... it ain't working son. everyone just thinks your a dummy and that's why you get slapped down on mixtapetorrent forums everytime you open your dipset dick sucking mouth. you love the attention. what you go on to say about Kay Slay and Soulja Boy is pure lies and history shows no such thing. how do you know what people like? lol, "wait and see"!?! if you haven't made you mind up after 20 mixtapes then yous a dumb motherfucker. obviously you have made your mind up tho - you Papoose HATER. okay then shit-dick, name me 30 CURRENT rappers you think got more mic skills than Papoose. I don't wanna be hearing names like Biggie, Tupac (!?), Big L, Big Pun or part time legends like Big Daddy Kane or Rakim either - live in the now vanis because if you talking about Papoose and the current rap game then there ain't no point living in the past. if you can't do it then WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP FOREVER??? and if you can is it cool that we all laugh at your shitty choices??? hahahaha...

I wanted to try ..Not 30

I wanted to try ..Not 30 rappers but i got in my mind right now.Nas Wu tang Z-Ro Shs stimuli krs one ........... soulaja boy :P nahhh
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30 that is...

"U express u're opinion or u dissagree wit Van Hell Sin's beliefs then demn.. VAN HELL SIN GON COME RIGHT AFTER U THROU' HIS BULLETPROOF LAPTOP". Demn playa this even sounds good for commercial spot on the radio.U know! U sorry ass man got a huge problem! Plus u dont know shit bout hip hop and THATS A FACT(now i'm sure to the fullest)! The only thing u know is mixtapetorrent! U got no points in your comment u just diss and act tough.. Once again on the dipset thing, BYRDGANG IS A HOOD THING AND I'M REPPIN IT TO THE FULLEST! U got any problems wit dat, u come to Washington Heights to solve'em togetha. Ya dig? Real Hip Hop is anotha thing simple is dat.. 3rd u realy believe Pap is the best young rapper out! Cause if u do, u realy must be the brother of his bitch so u r kinda family! ican accept that. Or u love the attention and this forum is the best way to get it, dissin people expressin their views and people that believe that NEW SCHOOL HIP HOP IS LARGER THAN PAPOOSE.. 4th i ma right down some of the names real quick an u bet i aint gonna name the legends.. well tell me if Pap can fuck wit any of these : Masta Ace, Hell Razah, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique, Cormega, Tragedy Khadafi, Lil' Brother, EMC, Silent Knight, Nature, Pete Rock, Skyzoo, Smif n Wessun, Buckshot, Ali Vegas, Black Moon, Dilated Peoples, Evidence, Joe Scudda, St.Laz,, Termanology, Wiz Khalifa, Bump J, Saigon, Crooked I, Bishop Lamont, Royce, Gemini, Problemaddicts, Betrayl,JR Writer, Sha stimuli, Cassidy, Sic Osyrus, Cymarshall Law.. (i'm sure they r more than 30) PS: I dont expect u to know more than 10 rappers from the ones i wrote cause they aint being posted in mixtapetorrent! So dont try to search em! And i know that u'll post the last one in this shit once again. So go ahead be my guest i'ma let u. and i'm sure its gonna be one of dem "Dumpbass Jimmyvanis, fuck jimmypenis" type of comment! Show everybody how immature mo'fucka u r.. do ya thing boy! Demn now that i think bout it. you say my mofuckin' name more often than my girlfriend does.. Its been fun, playa THERE's RAP MUSIC OUT THERE ASIDE FROM PAPOOSE & MIXTAPETORRENT, GO FIND IT...
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So Pete Rock is a better RAPPER than Papoose? hahahaha! - yeah right. that pick alone shows what a clown you are. most of your picks ARE dope rappers that I can't diss, like Tragdy, Cormega, Masta Ace, Skyzoo, Buckshot, Black moon, Saigon, Royce Da 5'9 but then you go mentioning JR Writer - are u serious? Nobody else in Dipset make the grade huh? then why you lickin Dipset nuts 24/7 son? lol... The fact that you don't have a Ghostface Killah, Jeru the Damaja, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli and the GZA anywhere near your gay top 30 says alot about you and I think you just name-droppin what you think is 'underground' to get by. Nature, Ali Vegas - hahaha! Jedi Mind Tricks - I got every album, Vinnie Paz etc and NO - they can't fuck with a Papoose. Then you saying Dialated/Termanology - I think you fooled by good production. try listening to the lyrics. Smif n Wessun - yea, they real active right now ain't they? lol... boy? i'm not the dude admitting to being a ^ young buck ^ so you better rethink what you just said before I ruin your life and tell u that the easter bunny doesn't exsist. you got a 'girlfriend'?!?! - don't you mean 'boyfriend'? I heard you the new Omar. what is this jimmyvanis persona your nerdy ass always hiding behind anyway? surely something like 'jimmybigmouth' or 'jimmythedipsetshitdick' would suit you better? all you ever do is come on here, hate on tapes and then claim you know better - don't you see how fucked up that is??? you must be an insecure dude to always have to do that...
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"you better rethink what you just said before I ruin your life" what the fuck does that mean...U SO FUCKIN STUPID MAN!!WHAT MORE CAN A NIGGA SAY! how can a computer geek like u can do that?? What?? Hack to my bank accounts?? WHo realy is the insecure when u diss everybody that dont share the same point of view wit u?? AINT THAT INSECURITY???u tell me.. I see u wanna continue using my name and dissin, Look boy i dont paly no games u wanna straight this up face to face... If u half the touch guy u act to be.. West 183rd and Broadway, WASHINGTON HEIGHTS is where u can catch me up!! COme and "ruin my life" i dare u.. ya dig?? If not shoot the fuck up cause everybody gonna know who's the bitch round here(i bet they know already)".. WHY DO U KEEP CALLIN NAMES WHEN U KNOW NOTHIN GONE HAPPEN INTO A INTERNET FORUM?? HOW LAME IS THAT?? WHAT R U TRYIN TO PROVE??
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I never knew there was a school for retarded children on West 183rd and Broadway, you must be very happy there. obviously they don't teach you how to interact with people tho because you always sound like a rude little pig. I couldn't give a fuck who you do/don't like - it's YOU dissin/hating Papoose on a Papoose tape. If you don't understand that then maybe you should ask your special ed teachers to hold you back ANOTHER year - BITCH.


i agree completely wit van-hell above me, jimmyvanis is a straight herb. R u fuckin serious wit all them rappers being better than pap, jimmy???? Ur a fuckin fool jimmy if u think JR Writer would stand a chance in front of pap. Then say some more dumb shit like Pete Rock (pete rock is not known for his rap skills), Saigon, or Termanology bein better than pap??? I bump all of dat shit but the work is nothin like the quality work papooose puts out. PAP is the hardest working dude in the game and it shows lyrically right now only budden could maybe touch him.

i gotta say thats's what's really hood...

my man wiz k is killin it, on da rise ya dig. wiz kill pap any day. 412 all day every day ya i reps da burgh to da fullest


Got comment ?

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To me this self proclaimed hotness people be speaking bout this guy is nonsense. His versatality? His rhyme scheme is pathetic. LA De Da/ Da Da DA / BE BE DA DA. He is boring his rhymes are dry and simplistic. You can go to NY or down to the 305 and hear people from the streets spit way better than this guy. yall you be riding this guys cock keep sucking it cause this shit str8 trash. PAPOOSE IS FUCKING WEAK


To me this self proclaimed hotness people be speaking bout this guy is nonsense. His versatality? His rhyme scheme is pathetic. LA De Da/ Da Da DA / BE BE DA DA. He is boring his rhymes are dry and simplistic. You can go to NY or down to the 305 and hear people from the streets spit way better than this guy. yall be riding this guys cock keep sucking it cause this shit str8 trash. PAPOOSE IS FUCKING WEAK
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pap smacked up fat-ho?

is it true, i heard papoose smacked up fat joe?

this nigga is fuckin sickk..

this nigga is fuckin sickk.. idc what any of you kids are sayin this niggas bloww upp and everyones gonna be lovin him
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shit imma hafta agree dis nigga go hard