DJ Scream & J. Money - Trapper Of The Year

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1. Intro 0:40
2. First Name, Last Name 3:08
3. Swaver (Feat. Young Bok) 3:50
4. Countin' Money 0:55
5. Big Dawg (Feat. Parlae And Yung L.A.) 3:52
6. Trapper Of The Year (Feat. Shawty Lo) 3:05
7. Never Change, Never Switch 0:24
8. Wake Up 3:02
9. Secret Agent 3:16
10. Smashin' (Feat. Scooter And Future) 3:44
11. Do It Big (Feat. Meanie (Of Da Shop Boyz)) 3:57
12. Who The Hell Are You (Interlude) 1:25
13. Who The Hell Are You 1:14
14. Freeze (Feat. Yung L.A.) 3:26
15. Shake N Bake 2:32
16. 180 Bands 1:16
17. I Got 'Em 2:52
18. Campaign 2:27
19. Man In Between The Man 3:40
20. Super Street Outro 0:27
21. Futuristic Party 3:08
22. I'm A G (Feat. Baby Boy) 2:59
23. Myspace (Bonus) 2:50
24. Go Wild (Feat. Meanie (Of Da Shop Boyz)) (Bonus) 2:52

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this nigga is the dat gangsta ass trap boomin shit..look out for em my fellow bootleggers.. oh yeah , and at least now none of them lame niggaz can say " first"..aaahhhaahah!!

stand up atl

this shit hot only thing i gotta say j money go hard

So Futuristic

finally a mixtape worth downloaded and bumpin first name last name shit goez hard!!!!

J-Money spittin hard

I fucks wit that boy j money that shit go hard aint nobody touchin shawty not even Yung L.A. wit that ugly ass haircut

Yes I fucks wit my lil buddy

Yes I fucks wit my lil buddy J-money....First name Last name!!!!! Yall look out for him cause he coming stupid hard.....;D!

J-money and yung la

If yall didnt know Yung La and J-money is folks so they have the same offset style and rock the same style . Word round the ATL is that they are brothers.


he rap jus like juice man

Real talk da nigga is the truth...

the nigga is doin' tha damn thing. Much luv my dude. God bless.