DJ Teknikz - Gimme Back My Swag 3

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01. Young Dro Feat. Big Kuntry - Got To Know (3:03)
02. Yung LA, Supa & Yung Ralph - Coolin (3:40)
03. J Futuristic - Deep Cover (2:47)
04. Rocko - On Something (2:30)
05. Big Black Feat. Kandi - Try It Out (3:35)
06. Yung LA & Supa - Offset (3:21)
07. Waka Flocka Flame Feat. Gucci Mane & Frenchie - Brand New (3:02)
08. Waka Flocka Flame - Lets Do It (3:25)
09. Travis Porter Feat. ATL & YT - Turnt Up (3:56)
10. Rich Kids - Feeling I Get (4:22)
11. Soulja Boy - Patriotic (3:19)
12. Shop Boyz - Cant Take Nothing From Me (3:10)
13. Young Dro - Yes Sir (3:19)
14. J Futuristic - Sauce (2:45)
15. Shop Boyz - Stay Down (2:29)
16. Young Dro - On Film (2:53)
17. J Futuristic Feat. Futuristic Gang - Ball (2:38)
18. Soulja Boy Feat. Arab - Outaspace (2:28)
19. CJ Da God - Old News (2:43)
20. Slim OG - How To Get Paid (3:14)
21. Plies - Chef (3:19)
22. Kirby The Hottest - Brand New (3:39)
23. Lil Meanie - From Me (3:02)
24. K Camp - All Nite (3:48)
25. LA Da Boomman - On My Dick (2:44)

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Music for sweet booty bitches

Music for sweet booty bitches, dis shit might get made play time in gay clubs all over ATL and decatur, aint no real nikka'z listenin to dis shit but a bunch of lil bitch mades.
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yea u should know



LOL!!! You stupid!
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yeah you would know huh

Submitted by Yung Screw 817 on Thu, 08/13/2009 - 7:38pm. YOU HOMO!!! --NO-NUTZ-NO-GLORY--
You would know dat imma homo because yo sweet toaster strudle pepper gum drop fairy cum filled bitch made asshole was on my dick givin me diabetes and shit.
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nigga u sick

get the fuck outta here with your bullshyt nobody wants to hear that shyt! --NO-NUTZ-NO-GLORY--

you can KEEP your 'swag'

you can KEEP your 'swag'


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I agree with...

I agree with GAYTL_09 and young Screw lol.. No offense to no one. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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u kno dis shit is boo boo if it got soulja boy on da cover nipplepinchy
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wtf J Money!!!

Did this nigga actually change his name to some damn J Futuristic????Just what in the damn fuck would u make songs saying what yo 1st name and last name is saying its j money but then u change it?YOU GOTTA BE FAKE AS HELL IF U NOT A RYDER FOR YO NAME U KNOWN BY!I don't understand cuz.

What tha

What happen to hard niggas? Niggas telling you how to hustle, stack yo bread, and being Trill. Kids now'a days are bitch made and cool with it. lol I guess that's what's in store for the future gen. Trill Talk.
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What happened to Nigga'z that talked about how hard their street/block/city was? Hip hop use to be a universal way to tell your story about your "REAL LIFE" not some made up fantasy that you want to have it use to be about Hustlin, Nigga's showin respect and gettin respect to otha nigga's, bitches, Killaz, and trying to teach you how to survive in their streets through their music? The rap game has been watered down with sugar water and turned into shit like this. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Skittles, Beans & Easy's...LOL

Niggas takin' them damn exstacy pills! Them bitches change your whole mood & perception. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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A-town stay droppin killa

A-town stay droppin killa tracks. Fuck what a fag gotta say. get the fuck outa here Batty boi