DJ DiBiase Presents Star Wars Attack of the Clones - Yung L.A. vs J-Money


1.The Phantom Menace
2.Yung L.A. - Whoa:Give Me Back My Swag (J-Money Diss)
3.J-Money Ft. Meanie - Dis Is How We Play
4.J-Money Ft. Shop Boyz - We Do It Big
5.Yung L.A. - Ain't I (Original Mix)
6.Travis Porter Ft. J-Money - Uhh Huh
7.J-Money - Big Dawg
8.Lofat Ft. Yung L.A. - Walk It To The Bank
9.J-Money - Shake N Bake
10.Yung L.A. Ft. Young Dro - Do The Offset Shawty
11.The Empire Strikes Back
12.Yung L.A. - Blessing
13.Yung L.A. Ft. Black Amigos - All Of The Above
14.Yung L.A. & Young Dro - Take Off
15.J-Money - So Futuristic
16.J-Money Ft. Shawty Lo - Trappers Of The Year
17.J-Money - 1st Name Last Name
18.Supa Ft. Yung L.A. - Offset Shawty (Remix)
19.J-Money Ft. DG Yola - Times 10
20.Return of the Jedi
21.*Bonus* Rich Kids Ft. Young Dro - Partna Dem

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21.*Bonus* Rich Kids Ft. Young Dro - Partna Dem

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