DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar Present Yung Berg - Back 2 Business Vol 2

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1. Intro
2. Pocket Full Of Money Feat Rockstar
3. Baby I'm Back Feat Rihanna
4. Starting Lineup Feat Rockstar & Tony Loco
5. Everybody Feelin Me
6. Loud Remix Feat Yung Ralph & Oj Da Juiceman
7. Big Rimz Feat Tony Loco & K Shawn
8. Been Thru It All Feat Ya Boy
9. Breakin Up With U
10. My Bullshit Feat Hollywood
11. Dream Awake Feat K-Young
12. Missing U Feat Tony Loco
13. Crazy Love Feat Sincere
14. Bodywork Feat K-Young, Laze & Royal
15. Lets Make Music Feat Nefu Tha Don
16. 6 In Tha Morning
17. Yeahhh Feat Rockstar
18. Youngest Niggaz In The City Feat K Shawn & Rockstar
19. Outcheaness Feat K Shawn
20. Drop Top Shawty
21. Another One Feat Rockstar
22. Stir It Up
23. Workin It Feat Alycia
24. Making Movies
25. Yb This & That

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Damn Its been A While Since this lil nigga showed up,ever since he had beef wit my nigga Brisco,now after the thang dat wen down at the barbershop wit bris,this nigga shows up, i wonder if this nigga was involved wit that shit,maybe them bitch niggas was comin from this fool.only time will tell.MIXTAPE SUCKS,AND I AINT EVEN HEARD IT YET.
blooddrop's picture

yeah nigga show that chain

yeah nigga show that chain off so you can get jacked again you lil homo. ( (( A.W.O.L )) )

Wha happened

Man first kanye goes pop, twistas cd a flop(again), Bumby j's in jail, and now this lil nigga?? What's good chi... I know our pockets hurtin out here in the illa but that don't gotta mean our music too!!
bole420's picture

i guess you broke

growth & development... nigga speak fo yo self get you a job...and fuck yung berg west making paper and twista cd doing good and if you broke get a job young nigga!!


George bush is making money so I gotta show that nigga love too?? ANYWAYS the only chi nigga doin it is Lupe.. What happens to the Kool kids


George bush is making money so I gotta show that nigga love too?? ANYWAYS the only chi nigga doin it is Lupe.. What happens to the Kool kids
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No Respect

I have absolutely NO respect for this dude! First he let's someone take his transformer chain which he probably spent his whole advance check on, then he turns around and takes his anger out by assaulting a female! What a lil' hoe. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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LMAO@ The Big Titty Chick on his right!!

DAMN SHAME!, Let a Chick outshine you on yo own mixtape, you know this shit already shitty.. I wont waste my time downloading, listening or rating.. just call it like i see it already.
Garbage. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

Didnt he do a mixtape with a

Didnt he do a mixtape with a dj,the dj got it all dun for him in like one day or sumin and then he never paid him?FUCK BUM SMERG he a fucking prick
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Can you say gucci #2

good beats but his rhymes have no substance...before niggas take this for a shot at gucci, gucci go harder, cuz he is a hood nigga, this guy tho gets no love
bole420's picture

he sucks

growth & development...berg is a bitch nigga im glad maino slaped him down...lupe aite but yo next big name from the chi he real hiphop check him out!
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been on that one G

yup halsted my nigga.... he from 114th and morgan up the block from where i went to school (leo) i seen him around on the 9