Rockstar - World Tour (Hosted By DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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Los Angeles rapper Rockstar of Yung Bosses Music Group drops his 1st official
Mixtape "World Tour" w/ DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar

01. World Tour Intro
02. Supplier
03. Whose Up
04. All The Way Tatted Up
05. Yung Nigga With Money Feat Yung Berg
06. So Bad Feat Juliann
07. Spread
08. Omg Feat Juliann & Spotlight (Ranger$)
09. On Fire
10. Get Em
11. Murder Feat Yong 3Rd
12. Ooh
13. Fall Down
14. Sex Drugs N Rock & Roll Feat K Young
15. No Service Feat Juliann
16. Money Talk Skit
17. Money Talk
18. Whatcha Doin Feat Raffle & Hardhead
19. This Money Feat Yung Berg
20. High Like
21. I'm On
22. Close To Me
23. Trickin 4 Feat Juliann
24. We Are Feat Sleep Hoppa
25. World Tour Outro

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Man why they got gay ass

Man why they got gay ass lookin motha fucka on here.. to me the west aint drop shit yet!!! b-cus all i see is gay lookin niggas on mixtapes.. what happen to the real west coast niggas.. to the ppl thats postin the mixtape on here can yall bring it back to the real niggas not niggas that like this motha fucka on this mixtape.. come on mane bring it back to the real niggas N whats up with the bay area niggas.. they aint drop shit yet? mane get some real BAY AREA and LA shit on here.. not snoop dogg old ass or misat fab wack ass... BY THE WAY THIS PAST 2 MONTH OR SO MIXTAPE ON THE WEST COAST SOUND LIKE HOT SHIT!!! N NOT IN A GOOD WAY... {post some real MIXTAPE on here}
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Man can one of yall west

Man can one of yall west coast motherfuckers tell me what happened to my man Hot Dollar??
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Same here.. what did happen

Same here.. what did happen to that nigga? i think he fell off or somthin