DJ Holiday And OJ Da Juiceman - Alaska In Atlanta


1. (00:00:43) OJ Da Juiceman - Alaska In Atlanta
2. (00:03:34) OJ Da Juiceman - Burr Beer
3. (00:03:24) OJ Da Juiceman - Haters
4. (00:01:00) OJ Da Juiceman - OJ Talks
5. (00:04:14) OJ Da Juiceman - Midget
6. (00:03:50) OJ Da Juiceman - Look At My Watch
7. (00:03:22) OJ Da Juiceman Feat. YBC - There They Go Again
8. (00:03:46) OJ Da Juiceman - Tug Boat
9. (00:03:54) OJ Da Juiceman Feat. D.R.E & Remy - Oowee Mad
10. (00:04:03) OJ Da Juiceman Feat. Bobby Valentino & DJ Holiday - In The Club
11. (00:00:44) OJ Da Juiceman - OJ Talks
12. (00:03:10) OJ Da Juiceman - Vegetarian
13. (00:04:01) OJ Da Juiceman - Ahh Fool
14. (00:04:13) OJ Da Juiceman Feat. Big Cev & Lil Mark - Damn
15. (00:04:45) OJ Da Juiceman Feat. RJ, D.R.E, Quest Harvin & Tony B - Ooh Boy
16. (00:03:36) OJ Da Juiceman - Big Life
17. (00:00:33) OJ Da Juiceman - OJ Talks
18. (00:03:55) OJ Da Juiceman - Booty Meat
19. (00:02:59) OJ Da Juiceman - Juice Man
20. (00:03:17) OJ Da Juiceman - Early Morning
21. (00:03:40) OJ Da Juiceman - Tonka
22. (00:03:47) OJ Da Juiceman - Pop Tags
23. (00:01:43) OJ Da Juiceman - OJ Talks (Outro)

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First! I F*cks Wit Juice, Ayye!!!
Yung Screw 817's picture


first to put this dick in your mouth. remember not to let my nutz hang pretty boy. --no nutz no glory-- other then that... this tape iz mad weak!!!

I can actually agree with

I can actually agree with screw on this... this tape is trash... I don't know why everyone is bustin a nut over this bullshit. The only props I can give is to DJ holiday.
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

This that recycle bin music.......TRASH!!!!

Need I say more? 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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yung jew

my nigga y u luv dudes so much u alwayz talkin about puttin d in niggas mouths i think u a faggot

Happy now everyone?

I hope so... I'll be so glad to not here about this tape every 5 seconds
GulfSouth504's picture

This tape is "Track 18"

Track 18 title explains exactly what you listening too. .. Wayyyy too many garbage tracks on here. how ya'll let nigga's make dis shit? and get away with it? Who listenin to dis shit for them to keep makin it?.. God damn this is sound like some slow retarded kids got into somebody studio and started sayin stupid shit over somebody else beats... Atlanta is gettin on my shit list fa dis shit.
dninc's picture


I can't take this nigga seriously.. i know they tryin to have fun but c'mon now, this is just retarded, im about to start going back to my 90's shit, when nigga's TRIED!!!, now the game is lettin anybody in it.. listen to this shit!...
Good Beats tho, i must say.. But really, you could give these beats to a Baby monkey and it'll still get bumped.. OJ aint do much justice to these beats at all, a real artist would have ate them beats up, this sound like some kids played over it damn..
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

I 2nd that whole notion. And

I 2nd that whole notion. And i don't know about you 90's shit has never left my deck/ipod bc it's all classic hip hop, the 90's was one of the best era's for hip hop in my opinion, you had the classic nas, jay, bad boy, death row, wu tang, cash money, no limit, and so much more. I never really stopped listening to it, in my personal opinion over the years the music has really changed and it isn't the same anymore, there is an occasional breath of fresh air every now and then, but i don't know about some of these artists they are letting in the industry now a days. I quote Jadakiss on this one "what if you really had to be nice to get a deal?, what if all of these rappers ice was really real?" 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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yo u jerk off to that pic of the dude in ur picture homo? LOL fuckin queer
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

I think it is really funny

I think it is really funny that yung screw is supposed to be a black gangster/crip/construction business owner/trapstar, and look at all of these white music artists that he knows about, the funny part to all of this is that i didn't even know who half of these people were and i am WHITE, but guess what?, screw did, so i wonder who is fake now. Most of the black guys i hang around don't even know who most of these people are, so the fact that you even know those people just proves how soft your ass really is, you probably loved to watch TRL didn't you queer?, putting up pics of other dudes as your avatar you fucking faggot, you are a fucking homo, and you been exposed bitch and nobody on this site respects or likes you anymore, except for when you log in as blooddrop and ride your own dick, you a L7 bitch, that means you're a square. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
Yung Screw 817's picture


na wigga i just typed "best popstars of the 90's" and thats what it showed lol!!! and who the fuck iz blooddrop??? oh and quit sayin u have blk friends cuz i very much doubt it fracle face.--no nutz no glory--
true_hustlin's picture

yeah really...

you stupid fake piece of shit... (maybe this is confusing because i switched my shit talk from another tape to here so i wouldn't have to keep looking back there, but anyhow) this tape isn't any good for the review.. quit the adlib OJ shit blows.... now on to this fag... now i am at work at one of my computers to talk shit at you. there is nothing about you that is real. end of story, you lie about anything and everything. your age race job life hustle school shit probably your gender, who knows what the fuck you are... "--no nutz no glory--" you don't even have the nuts to expose anything real about yourself... a real ball-less man needs to lie to kick it... you's fake.
Yung Screw 817's picture


quit stunnin bruh, you just went and ate your mommies breakfast (a frozen hot pocket) then you prolly went and booboo and cameback and play with me some more.... man u know what? you bore me man. you really dont say much. i would clown on your profession and your weed card but that shit iz boring. instead of u makin me lough u blowin my high with ur lame azz.... so....... bye :( --no nutz no glory--
true_hustlin's picture

you wearn't ever high

this tape sucks >>>>>there aren't any good trees in Texas... some mids at best that you guys call fire... that's why i bring mine when i go after the first trip... sure like i said it's you who are stuntin' not me.. stuntin' in other words not real.. yes i am stunnin' your right, shine so bright i'm hard to see... and you would clown on my profession except my profession tells your profession what to do... even my job bosses you fake job around... i am so sorry your fake trying to be impressive life is so shitty when compared to my real one, maybe you need my doctors number, so he can get you some pills to feel better about yourself, then you wouldn't have to lie.


oj kills da beats. . after hearing his monkey ass i dont wanna listen anymore..
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juice mane

dj holiday is mad annoying juice man goes in with the money swag talk but where the lyrics not here
Danetello's picture

nice beatz oj!!!! u made a

nice beatz oj!!!! u made a gd choice!!!!! ay ok ayyy okk ayyyyy ayyy ayy ay ay ay ayyyy okkkkk!!! u takin ova oJ!!! watz up dith that chain tho lol
corndog's picture


HAHAHAHA.. read what u posted high ass muthafuka -Live Life Topless-

ayye ok! oj always go hard...

fuck all ya'll motherfuckin haters up here ya digg.

Its Good

dont expect lyrics,if you go into this wit dat on your mind you will prob like it,great beats some catchy hooks,still way to much aye aye would have thought by now he would have dropped that coz it got him noticed so der no need for it now but other than that its pretty good still not as good as i got the juice tho
youngTYCOON's picture

This Shit Is Under The Bus

This has to be one of the weakest softest rappers of all time!! what was gucci mane thinking when he signed this waiting for that nigga "young jeezy" to drop
Dani Boi's picture

OJ - The King Of Coonery

hannah montana2's picture


drumma doin shawty redd style trap beats now?!...the man sick!!! but about the rapper, and i'll quote young jeezy on this, "I rather listen to your instrumentals nigga" someone tell holiday he isnt drama...shut the fuck up with the gay ass ad libs I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!


Juice is a joke. I dont even know why gucci made him hot of all people. And the public loves it for the most part, thats the worst part
da dopeman's picture

Not great....but OJ isn't all bad!!!

I don't care what any mothafucker says, OJ has done a few good tracks I like. Some of his older songs w/ Gucci and I actually really dig the recent Evil Empire "Bouldercrest Shawty" mixtape. It mixed up some newer songs with his better songs from this year. But this mixtape sucks! I really like DJ Holiday too (Writing on the Wall still gets play in my car) so I was looking forward to this. Agree with his beats. The beat for "Early Mornin" is DOPE!
@SHakara's picture

yo i fuk wit juice but this

yo i fuk wit juice but this cd sux. too bad cos i been waiting on it.
killab318's picture

aye , aye ok!!!

every song on ths cd sound just alike. am i the only person who think that? my rateing 4/10 DL at your own risk


is all this aye shit
dninc's picture

lol.. I have an idea where it's from.

Recorded sounds of Prison Rape shower sessions.
lol naw but on the real i think he's bitin off Jewelz Santana with his "Ike, IKE, IKE" ...
he changed it to Aye and added ok at the end sometimes.. the beats left him in every single song he ever did
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
true_hustlin's picture


someone should tell oj that he needs to stop doing it... i could stand a lot of his tracks if he didn't annoy the fuck with that aye shit... or at least if he didn't do it through the whole track...every so often he will come out with some good lines but if he doesn't lighten up on the aye shit i have to skip the track if i don't then the next thing i know i am telling my daughter not to do something and I'm like "aye, don't do that...okye." my 20 month old seems to enjoy it, i guess that is the level you need to be on... it only annoys me that it infiltrates my mind.
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

LMFAO @dninc-"Recorded

LMFAO @dninc-"Recorded sounds of Prison Rape shower sessions." 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
corndog's picture


since when was it "cool" to scream like a pre-pubescent teenager.. i don't understand why all those southern jookers think they're all hard when they dance like ballet ass faggots, wear female clothing, and listen to this disgruntled chode.. "i fucks wit diz shit" go fuck a bagel u faggots -Live Life Topless-
whodi's picture

oj can eat a dick

i used to fuck with that nigga but he 100% played out now. id rather listen to that waka flocka nigga at least he sound hard and not like a fucking faggot with his nuts cut off. give it up oj
rubixcuban's picture

Whats that smell?

Yung Screw 817's picture

na homey dats just ur upperlip

were u tossin your girls booty hole lastnyte?? go wash that shit off cuzz. --no nutz no glory--
whodi's picture

yung buttscrew

yo faggot i tossed yo moms booty hole last night that bitch a freak


Why the hell is this shit still at the top of the 1st page. OJ is garbage. Im sick of him being the first thing i see comin on this site for a whole week


is what makes rap crap im sorry to say


Lyrics strait up wack, beats banging though that's what keeps me saying aye aye ok... But i still can't put that Cassidy down!!!!


Lyrics strait up wack, beats banging though that's what keeps me saying aye aye ok... But i still can't put that Cassidy down!!!!


Lyrics strait up wack, beats banging though that's what keeps me saying aye aye ok... But i still can't put that Cassidy down!!!!
MuthafuckinChad79's picture

Whats goes up must come down....

Ya know as the years go by music replaces old...shit fades away ...shit comes back....Shit like this is gonna be the downfall of Rap period...4 real how long are people gonna buy this crap & pay these idiots billz n shit???really??? wtf are they sayin that makes u wanna buy this shit or download it? My money,my chain,my trap,my dope,my bitches,my car ...maaaaan I dont give a FUCK what you got & i sure as hell aint payin your bills by buyin it....One day peeps r gonna be like...this shit is whack as FUCK & this whole no talent garbo is gonna fall flat on its face & HOPEFULLY it will revive real fucking HIP HOP ya know when it was this thing called music ..... you are listening to them "rap" about the shit they bought from u buyin there shit! hahahaha now thats a fuckin dudes aint cookin SHIT maaan u 4 real...the feds would be all over ALL these fuckin guys r u serious? The beats are hard as fuck...yes...OJ is funny as hell...yes...but u tellin me this skinny ass crackhead lookin muthafukka is runnin shit??? what!?!?! I would knock his ass out & steal his Jordans in 5 seconds....fuckin please
corndog's picture

i have a plan

dude let's get some cd's, geek up some mics, and produce some backyard homage shit homie! ahah jokes.. but for real i agree with everything u said. -Live Life Topless-


U gotta admit though if u Wang this with ur system u know niggas will hear u bumpin and that's hip hop, that's that southern music were the beat makes u nod, u wanna listen to high metaphor music listen to some NY music were what one says makes a nigga nod... Hip hop isn't were one part of the country is running the game, oj is just bringin that Wang in ur system kick back in ur caddy and blow one, so don't hate on oj for bringin that heat to his type of crowd... Hate on the new 3 6 or the new kanye for trying to collect the white pop crowd which is the pop rap shit
MuthafuckinChad79's picture

Shit I fukin LOVE the

Shit I fukin LOVE the beats...but beats is only part of it...U r makin the no talent mutherfuckers rich...not the people makin the god damn beats! They barely get shit for makin the only good part of the music....Im not "hatin" its garbage & fake as fuck...kick back & smoke one?? will do some Redman & Meth...some Tang...real not about east-west-north-south- if ur puttin out bullshit & it stank like bullshit...imma call it BULLSHIT...I like southern music ..I like the East...I like the West...& shit I even get down to some North haha thats right Drake has some decent shit...But anyway u missed the whole go fill those pockets so they can buy a new mansion cuz they "trappin" nahhh they hustlin mofo's like you into buyin this bullshit....hahaha
dninc's picture


Evolution Submitted by chicagoon88 on Tue, 09/08/2009 - 10:56pm. U gotta admit though if u Wang this with ur system u know niggas will hear u bumpin and that's hip hop, that's that southern music were the beat makes u nod, u wanna listen to high metaphor music listen to some NY music were what one says makes a nigga nod... Hip hop isn't were one part of the country is running the game, oj is just bringin that Wang in ur system kick back in ur caddy and blow one, so don't hate on oj for bringin that heat to his type of crowd... Hate on the new 3 6 or the new kanye for trying to collect the white pop crowd which is the pop rap shit
Beats are fine, i liked "some" of the beats for the most part, but it does not classify what Southern Music is, and im mad people think that, Tons of Southern Artist if you go back and listen made it on "LYRICS" it use to be about murder, Cocaine, Merkin nikkaz, just all out Anger from being oppressed for so long or growing up hard and being in the projects and making it through hard times, you'd hear that in the Old southern Hood shit, then Bling hop era started(Cash Money), they practically started this whole new sub-genre of Southern hip hop, But even old cash money had "LYRICS".. ...
Then you lean further into the future and you got NICE Beats, but maybe 2 lines of Lyrics, 4 mins of Hooks...
Shits good for parties and clubs but riding around listenin to shit thats going no where? whats the purpose other than blowing some speakers over some regurgitated shit?
If it's about the beats, Release these mothafucka's with the instrumentals so i can fade a real mothafucka over these beats! ..
And FUCK i hope this is not what this shit is evolving into somebody need to come save it fast! So far it's isolated in a few area's in the south so i don't think your right as far as saying this is Evolution.. there's evolution in all Genre's but i just think this shit will be a sub-genre' Ga, Ala, FL, Tenn and some of Tx might still be doing this shit 20 years from now while other nigga's even those same states in the south will have moved on
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

1st off im about to let u

1st off im about to let u nigg's that know nothing about the south and if u do ur jus getting up on this isht...but i'm from what u northerners would call the dirty south..tenn,(memphis),mississippi delta (jackson & greenville,the boot(baton rouge)currently in big d..dallas 4 u slow mofo's..but i been on this hip hop shit for awhile fam and the south got nigg's most haven't even heard about and some of the most lyrical,unique,versatile and dedicated groups as well as indiviuals in the game since we step on the scene...this is going to be lengthy being it's my 1st post ..i'll try 2 keep at a minimum..since lil wayne is most hated out the south lets start with him...the dude in genis book of world records which any dam fool can get in there (but still)..bling is in the dictionary (look it up) a youngsta i.e. vet in the game the nigg didn't even curse u know how hard it is the spit fire let alone do it with out using profane jestures..and i do believe the boy went hard back in the day at least he held his own...the carter one lets face it is a classic's another fact thier aint 2 many nigg's that got lendary mixtapes..that could have been albums..let only 2 mixtapes..(dedication 1..tha drought 3)grant wayne trippin at this point but thats what real money do to a country nigg..he phuckin wit them houston nigg's ..(lean)..cali nigg's sherman og kush..newyork niggs desil and shit that nigga always f**ked up...heres another point nas can't make loli pop or prom queen...which is club isht and real nigg's in the south ain't bumpin this in the ride ..unless it's at the club ..i.e..bit**s around so get that isht nigg's luv puss* 100..but yeah remember ohhie wollie wollie sum shit them nigg's tried jus couldn't quite get it..jay had it for a while ...but the nigg been lost his rawness but much respect...u north cats should be kissings fat joe and cam's azz cuz them nigg's kept that region a float for real maybe busta and 50 when he came...ya'll shit jus dont reach down here the murder mooks,cory gunz,serious jones, them type niggs..but here's some south kats old and new but certainly lyrical...Z-RO AND TRAE OF AZZHOLES BY NATURE..LITTLE BROTHER..PLAYA FLY..SCARFACE..CHALIE BOY..DEVIN THE DUDE..CHECK OUT THAT 1ST MYSTICAL..(UNPREDICTABLE)..TRICK DADDY..LUDA,PIMP C & BUN B.OF UGK...LIL KEKE..JEEZY,i kno but the nigg been solid day 1, TRAP OR DIE CLASSIC MIXTAPE..BOOSIE,T.I..8 BALL & MJG..OUTKAST..THE OLD 36 MAFIA ..KOOPSTA NICCA..FLY..GANGSTA BLACK..SKINNY PIMP..GANGSTA BOO..KILLA CLAN..LORD INFAMOUS..YOU KNOW REAL UNDA GROUND SOUTH TOM SKEE MASK..AL KAPONE..SAMMY SAM..BIG MIKE..D.O.C..YEAH HE FROM DALLAS..CHAMILLIONAIRE BACK WHEN HE WAS KING KOOPA..NOW HE TO CENSORED..MY OPINION..JUS TO NAME A FEW YEAH NIGg@s im here to defend the south here on out on this site real isht... nothing against u homie i been on this site along on some get it to the streets shit if u know what i mean makin niggas pay checks 3 times .. so i dl alot ..thus i said i'll comment on somebody isht worth commenting on...lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg...but the tape cool beats go hard as usual..but to many punch lines and repetitive hooks..same ole same..but the nigg hey..and he'sa micro 5 of what the south music is about but we party so it's cool we like seeing shortys cuttin it up to this shit ..
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

Wang in my system?, more

Wang in my system?, more like he is making blood spill from my ears, I am from the south, the tidewater area of virginia to be exact, and let me tell you all one thing, nobody i repeat nobody is bumping OJ down here except for skater white boys riding around smoking weed when you go uptown. People might be bumping a lil bit of gucci mane but oj is getting no spins here. Sometimes i am ashamed of some of the music that comes from my region, but what can i do about it except not support it, i think southern music is a little bit more than just "beats that make you nod", there are some people who actually have lyrical content (ex.Ludacris), but please don't put OJ and Gooch in the southern rap category bc i refuse for those two to be the faces of hiphop/rap music in my region, like dude said place them in the crap, i mean trap music category. And i can find a lot of shit better than OJ to put that "wang" in my system trust me on that, and as for blowing one while listening to OJ....i will pass, i think you meant to say if you kick back in your caddy and listen to OJ you will blow one...being your high. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804