Cam'Ron "Gotta Love It" & "Swagger Jacker" (2 NEW Jay-Z Disses)


After years of tension and subliminal jabs, Cam'ron has just leaked two tracks directly dissing Jay-Z.

The Dipset capo opens "You Got It" by giving five reasons for his dis, including charges that Jay stole Roc-A-Fella, Rocawear and Kanye West from Damon Dash, and that the King of New York lied about being an 80's baby, cause he was born in 1968 making him 37 years old.

Cam also spits in reference to the numerous lines Hov has borrowed from The Notorious B.I.G. "You ain't the only one with big wallets/ but your publishing should go to Miss Wallace."

Later on the cut, Cam pokes fun at Hov's age, remarking, "I know you're 40 years old, I don't respect my elders/I respect the hustler plus the grinders and the sellers."

Ironically, Cam takes a page from his nemesis Nas' book when he offers, "tote handles at your open toe sandals/and you look like Joe Camel." Killa also warned that he had Beyonce "singing about slinging crack" and later concluded by calling Jay ugly and saying he looks like "Fraggle Rock."

On another track, "Swagger Jacker (A Biter Not A Writer)," Cam accuses Jigga of being a biter. Rather than spit, Cam hosts clips of Biggie, Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, B.G., Big L, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac and Nas songs Jay has taken lines from. "No wonder a nigga retired," Cam comments. "There's nothing left to steal from."

Heads have been speculating on the two trading subliminal verses for years. Word is Cam's "Let Me Know," off 2000's S.D.E., featured shots at Hov. Meanwhile, heads thought the God emcee challenged Cam when he offered, "bring your whole set," on Beyonce's "Crazy In Love."

In related news, Cam graces one of two covers for XXL Magazine's March issue; the other cover features Young Jeezy. The Harlem rapper also addresses his feud with Hov in the cover story. Word is he reveals that the tension began when Dash named him vice president of Roc-A-Fella Records.

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wow now shot is crazy...i wonder if all this happening because cam was dashes nigga..!!!!! and if this is going to make jay-z come harder because cam got some fire shit! PAving the way for new ISSSh!

aren't new beefs fun? :) I

aren't new beefs fun? :) I wonder if Jay will respond



cam comin wit strait fire.

cam comin wit strait fire. jay need give up his spot at def jam and let someone who knows how to run things take his spot. pick the mic up jay... ain't time to retire.
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the game is ova for jay and killa cam

cause we all know that both of em don't write shit
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the game is ova for Jay

we all know that gay-z is not a gangsta plus his a big bitter a pac and big's style taker if he was here i'mma probably tell em that he ain't ishh but a facker......... fall back jay it's ova fo u

Fight Back Gayz

Cam' did a very good stuff by coming to Jay like da the two tracks are HOT, I'm waiting for the Jay retaliation it has been a while we haven’t hard good stuff for this dude I hope he fights back like a man Better pick the Mick Jay

Jay-Z King of New York

What are you smoking homie. Jay is the best that ever did it. Name another rapper that took himself from a street corner hustler, to a multi-Millionare. I don't ever recal Pac or big ever commimg close to Jay's paper. If being the best means that you die before you ever even live half your life then Pac would be the best.
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It's Dipset Bitch

Jay ain't nothin compared to Jimmy Jones Nugga!!!!! and plus we all know that jay is a bitta so that should explain y his shit my sound hot wich is not .... can u name one cd out there that jay made without bittin somethin from otha artist? yup das what i thought cause there is none jay is a master bitter

I dig dipset and all, I like

I dig dipset and all, I like Cam and Santana, but what the f**k are you smoking saying Jay ain't nothing compared to JIM JONES, lol

Dude I could name many in

Dude I could name many in the rap game that went from a street corner hustler to a multi-millionaire, 2 off the top are Master P & 50 Cent Pac didn't match Jay's paper for a # of reasons, first, you have to take into account inflation, the rap game didn't truly blow up till the late 90's when it became more mainstream and hence made more money. Also, during Pac and BIGs time rappers didn't have clothing lines and all that shit, trust me if Pac was still around he'd be the #1 money maker. Besides, who said making the most money made you the best? Most of you all on this site diss the shit outta 50 cent and that dude made more than any rapper in the past 2 years, 50 million alone in 2005. Anyway, I'm not arguing that Jay is or is not the King of NY just stating some facts and adding my 2 cents to yours.

this is no 1st round TKO!!

the track is a bit repeatative... personally i reckon Jay-Z should'nt respond, 1. he'll lyrically slaughter him 2. it aint even worth retaliation 3. pffffffffft

Cam'ron needs a hug

Yo, that hater Cam'ron needs a hug:)


yeah man!!! a hug and a happy meal!!!


Man this shit horrible Like home said this fool need a hug his flow is weak but swagger jacker was interesting but that other crap jay gonna kill dis cat man

Cam is a faggot

Cam didnt even make that swagger jacker shit that shit is old. theres also a track showin all da lines cam bit off ppl 2. i like dipset but u gotta be a dumbass sayin cam is better than j ca will never see jay, lyrically, or see his paper. that nigga is just a mad little bitch It's Da ROC bitch

It's hot but...nah

Come on. Listen to the song over and over again, and you'll see the lyrical content is alright, but it's not that heavy. How is Cam gonna say he should give Jay a kiss on the cheek because he's pretty, and then say at the end Jay's ugly. Come on maaan! Jay shouldn't respond to that because he's bigga than that now. Beef is small time for small dudes. What he should do if he do anything is respond when he feels he should. Big dogs do things when they want to. Look at 99 problems by itself, and the lyrics in that is harder than "You got it". I'm telling you, if Jay respond, CAM is officially lyrically dead. 300 millions way to die, choose one!

cam and jay

Jay aint gonna come back come on now and if he does hes gonna be trash. cam will kill him and so would the rest of dipset if they stepped in.
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R u Serious?

Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit about Jay's comeback being weak. Jay aint even got to do shit. Beanie Siegel will eat the dipset alive just like he did that bitch Jada.

Siegel isn't going to take

Siegel isn't going to take on any of Jay's beef - that day has long passed
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Killa vs. Hov?!?! FUCK outta here with that...

Anyone who says dipset will body hova is whilen the fuck out.... Cam's idea of a good lyric is "i get that tooty frooty booty booty" Cams a herb who's EASILY the weakest in dipset.. jump off his dick.. fuck outta here 1

damn straight!!

to all comments above the one i wrote... spot on!!!! 2 the one's below, c'mon!! GAY-Z??? is that the best you could come up with.....pffffft JAY got 99 problems but CAM'RON aint one!!! +1 to me!!!! peace
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f#@k cameron and jay-z

f#@k cameron and jay-z they both swagges jackers instead of dissin each other they should just make a swagger jackin crew cause they don't write and we all know that........ check out cameron's swaggin jackin Cam'ron (NOT MADE BY CAM'RON)- I Don't Write Either everything that i've said bout jay-z callin him gay-z and all that goes to cameron to cause his a f@#kin homo
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terible quality on that

terible quality on that track! ne bodyt got another? hard evidence of jiggas plagarisim

Camron iz gAY

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Jay said he wouldnt respond

Jay said he wouldnt respond but at the same time he don't need to, he's already proven himself legendary in the rap game. At the same time my nigga Cam is on some grimey shit but its funny.

cam is simply the wackest rapper alive!period.

CAM cant rap.I dont even understand why he still has a record deal.What did this DRAG Queen do to be in the MUSIC industry?sleep with DAME DUMMMY?(oops! i meant DASH).He has no flow whatsoever.Production is just wasted on the whole of dickset.These faggots are just ending their careers trying to diss the GREATEST RAPPER EVER by releasing whack diss records,staging a fake car jacking&whack movies
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i agree and disagree

yeah i agree that cam'ron isnt a good rapper but you cant say that Jay-Z is the greatest rapper ever. Their are alot of better rappers out there. Mobb Deep, Game, Styles P, Young Jeezy and more. Have you heard swagger jacker? Cleary shows that jay-z is a swagger jacker.


I'm not feeling Cam'ron...I'm not feeling DIPSET period...but I gotta admit...I think that Cam got Jay-Z real good on these 2 diss tracks.
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ye rite

R u fuken crazy..Dun talk bout rappers when u cant rap urself..Camrons a o.g. nigga..he bin around just as long as jay-z or longer..Camrons flow iz exclusive..No 1 raps like Cam, Dipset eats niggaz food..Evn tho i herd these tracks like 2 months ago..Jay-z got it fed 2 him..Dun think Jay-z's one of the greates rappers alive..Cuz he aint..Camron will eat his food hands down