Cam'ron Explains Beef With Jay-Z

Rapper Cam'ron has further clarified his position against Island Def Jam president/rapper Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, after the Harlem native recently released the dis track called "Gotta Love It."

Cam'ron alleged that Jay-Z's declaration of peace with Nas in October 2005, was initially meant to destroy the credibility of his own Diplomats crew.

Cam'ron told Miss Jones and the Hot 97 morning show team the culmination of his grievance in the weeks leading up to Jay-Z's "I Declare War" concert, which was hosted by rival station Power 105.

"The last straw was that station down the dial [Power 105 and] he supposed to ["declare war"], where he is supposed to be dissing everybody he had a problem with," he explained to Miss Jones, DJ Envy and others. "So you know leading up to the concert, I got Dame calling me like, 'He's trying to get old footage of you of when you and Jim got jumped and he's trying to find Jim's Catholic school pictures.' So leading up to this concert, we had to get on point, you dig? I don't know whatever he was looking for, you ain't gonna find it."

Jay-Z and Nas' peace treaty was applauded by the Hip-Hop community, however beef with Cam'ron and his crew has quietly festered for many years.

Prior to the "I Declare War" concert, Jim Jones publicly dissed Jay-Z to Mad Linx when he was the host of BET's "Rap City."

"When [Jay-Z] became the President, that was our way out [of Def Jam]. We not with it at all, ya dig, and if you wanna go statistically, not even on just the fire part, just statistically, we sold more records than everybody up at Roc-A-Fella every time we came out with an album," Jim Jones said on air. "Why would we be with somebody that sell no records statistically? The Roc is over. It's more like a cubic zirconium. The diamond is crumbled."

Cam'ron also said problems arose when Jay-Z discovered plans to appoint him President of Roc-A-Fella, a position he turned down due to a disagreement over his proposed yearly compensation.

Cam'ron also denied that he slept with Jay-Z's girlfriend Beyonce, although he insinuated an act took place in his freestyle dis.

"This ain't noting personal toward her, but I know what hurts his heart," he said.

Still Cam'ron admitted that this was a war of words, not one he hoped would end in violence.

"At the end of the day, I don't want any violence. I'm trying to avoid it. It don't even make sense to do violence, we just trying to do music," Cam admitted.

Jay-Z wasn't available for comment at press time.

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Cam'ron IS a fuckin' HOMO

Cam'ron IS a fuckin' HOMO

Cam'Ron's Career is Over

Cam's career is ova if Hov comes back at him..Dipset has a strong squad which i know cuase i know em personally, but Hov will Lyrically shit on that whole squad, ya heard.

stop lyin u dont know

stop lyin u dont know dipset!
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For all y'all who REALLY DON'T KNOW

CAM HAS MORE MONEY THAN JAY... HE OWN'S HALF-OF-HARLEM!!! He raps for the fuck of it. For real... For real... -melQuan "There Ain't Nuffin' Like Hip-Hop Music!"
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The Roc is over

Gay-z is a fucin homo just read his name and look at him his mouth his tripple times mine i mean damn! what is beyonce thinkin just fo do she'll do that shit even mike jones his better even tho back then hoes didn't like him but they love him now ain't it and i'm sure killa cam did sleept with beyonce even slim thug did it i mean makin a video like that with a girl like beyonce with out gettin none? dat's impossible the only reason that beyonce is with jay-z it's because gay-z can't cheat on her das it he ain't got no games so she's in the control of the relation ship and das the fact

You think just because Slim

You think just because Slim Thug did a video with Beyonce he fucked her? You're making yourself sound pretty foolish with these comments man, just being real.
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Y not?

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It's a music video. It's

It's a music video. It's called the music business. Do me a favor and spare us with these dumbass comments.

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Nobody knew about cam before come home with me he sold wood and some change went platinum ONCE and thinks he is the shit jay platinum 9 albums and since people dont like numbers lets break down the lines jay uses other peoples lines and if you never ever listened to music in your life that would be the only reason you would be dumb enough not to know that jay has been using those lines matter of fact everyone steals someones lines even cams gay ass how we forget that he jacked pacs ambition of a rider song just like jay took me and my girlfriend from pac so how you gonna claim swagger jackin if you doin it yourself that nigga is wack hands down he cant handle jay he got to throw an army at jay cause he cant do it himself


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Fuck Cam

I respect Cam's gangsta but on the serious tip what kinda gangsta wear's pink. and as far as i'm concerned Hova and Beanie Siegel is all the Roc needs to end Cam's career. And if the rest of Dipset want it they can get it too. Especially that bitch jim jones
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You must be under twenty...

Jay got that dumb bitch locked down. He is notorious for his pussy eating skills. Just ask Foxxy. She's still in love with Jay. -melQuan "There Ain't Nuffin' Like Hip-Hop Music!"

killa 'cum' is an ungrateful

killa 'cum' is an ungrateful niggah. i don care if he didn get along with jay at rocafella but jay still gave him a shot n now he moved a few units he thinkshecanbox withjay thats like going back home after college n bitch slapping ur pops. niggah's jus bitter cos he realises he made the wrong choices camping with 'lame' dash. wellbothe o' em r dun. loljim jones saw it coming n secured himslef a J.O.B do da saem killa,
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i feel u. Cam is an ungrateful ass bitch. I dont care what Jay does, cam should have some respect for the nigga that damn near made his fuckin career
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im not a biter... ima writer ... we all biters

When this shit gonna end... peeps tryin to get promo like homos off someones crediblilty... jayz a hot artist Killa Cam aswell...jay did jack lyrics but he used it to inspire his lyrical creativty... aint nothing wrong with that cus thats what hiphop and rap is look @ Pdiddy ... dont knock the man cuz he made a few dollars u couldnt!

Unspoken Rule: Rappers do

Unspoken Rule: Rappers do NOT bite lyrics from other rappers. Where the hell are YOU from? That is NOT hip-hop, that is BULLSHIT! News Flash: P. Diddy is a fuckin' HOMO too! You sound like a pillow biter you're damn self
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4 the nigga dat said jay-z made cam'rons career ur a fuken idiot! camron came out in 98 wit mase and then did dum shit wit biggie then got wit mase,big l and some other guy and they were called "children of the corn",that waz way before he waz in rocafella he already had made a named 4 himself so gay-z didnt make his career know yo fukin facts!