Beef Ent Presents - Woony Takeover


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01 Beef Feat Trens & Pone - Fedd Hill - Dispicable Beef
02 Beef, Ma Diva, Jon Gaines & Whoreson - Flyer Than Ya Cuzzin
03 Beef - Give It Up
04 730 & Beef - I Shine You Blind
05 Vado - Vado Dipset Skit
06 Beef - Get Drunk
07 Jon Gaines, Champagne & Beef - Dem Boyz
08 Whoreson, Ma Diva & Beef - Streets Gun Talk
09 Drake & Beef - Killen Em
10 Beef - What's Ya Name Shorty
11 Beef, Kash & J-Mills - Ima Get These Motherfuckas
12 Slurge & Beef - I'm Just Tryin To Live My Life
13 Sheek Louch, Bully & Beef - We Blowin Weed
14 Beef, Sheek Louch & Lisha - Ridin Through Streets
15 Sheek Louch, Beef & Jon Gaines - The World Is Hers
16 Gaines & Beef - The Dream Is Still Alive
17 730, Beef & Jon Gaines - Yeah Yeah
18 Sheek Louch, Beef, Pone & Splurge - If You Gettin Money
19 Splurge, Lb & Beef - Where That Weed At
20 Sheek Louch, Bully, Beef &Jon Gaines - Call The Doctor
21 Benny Bladez & Beef - We Run Rhode Island

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fuckin cover is hilarious.-hating thats what you do best-
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Come on brah brah how you

Come on brah brah how you gonna steal Raekwon's man....but i stiil think this is gonna be fire!
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Ol Black version Fat Basterd Looking ass nikka



This album IS FIRE. FIRE FIRE FIRE....times Chuck Norris!

Do the songs titles have to be written in retard.

Damn. You couldn't list the songs in English.
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Go buy the cd and you can

Go buy the cd and you can get the braille version. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout