DJ Vlad "The Butcher" - Beef III Mixtape Part 2

DJ Vlad "The Butcher" launches the Beef III official mixtape series on
behalf of QD3. Following up the hugely successful hip-hop beef DVD
series, this mixtape gives you all the latest beef & drama in hip-hop,
with many of these disses coming directly from mixtapes. This CD is
full of disses from Cam'ron, B.G., Lil' Wayne, DTP, DMX and Balance.

1 - Beef III Intro
2 - Cam'ron Speaks on Jay-Z Beef
3 - Cam'ron - You Got It (Dissin' Jay-Z)
4 - Jay-Z - I'm Not A Writer, I'm A Biter
5 - Cam'ron - I Don't Write Shit
6 - B.G. - Gimme A Break (Dissin' Baby)
7 - Beef III Interlude: Twista Always Gets Robbed
8 - B.G. - Triggaman (Dissin' Lil' Wayne)
9 - Drag-On - Wallah (Dissin' Lil' Wayne)
10 - DMX (Dissin' Def Jam)
11 - D.T.P. (Ludacris, I-20, Lil Fate) - Real Niggaz (Dissin' Chingy)
12 - Buffie The Body vs. Charlamegne The God
13 - ESG - Games (Dissin' Slim Thug)
14 - Beef III Interlude: Rappers & Bodyguards
15 - Clyde Carson (The Team) - 32 Bars of Clarity (Dissin' Balance)
16 - Balance, EA-Ski - It Is What It Is (Dissin' Clyde Carson)
17 - Jokaman - MVP
18 - HD - Slamdance
19 - 54th Regiment - Jersey
20 - J-Dia f. Styles P - I Won't Tell
21 - Ron G - Brim Cocked



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can some send me the torrent i dont see the link to download it thx

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man the beef 1 mixtape is downloading fast,but i cant get this one to download.what can i do to make it download faster
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i dwnl it without having no problem...i guess i'm lucky..:) 10x upl

Some of you fucking guys

Some of you fucking guys need to learn patience - you're getting this shit for free, sometimes there's ONLY 1 SEED - fuckin' live with it and don't whine here like a bunch of babies - "WAH, my free mixtape is taking too long, WAH" - SERIOUSLY, we'll just start banning people so chill the F out

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This Is Da Real S**t

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you guys think you got it bad i got DIAL UP and im still not complaining i LOVE this website theyre free mixtapes i have to wait about 15 hours in order for one mixtape to download so stop bitching ill tell you what though its worth every fuckin hour so far ive downloaded like about 3 mixtapes like in about a week i even start to feel bad for my computer leavin it on all night to download BUT its all good thanks
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haha shit sometimes ill get a tape in 10 minutes if theres lots of seeds

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