DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 88

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01. Lil Wayne - Top 10 (Dissin' Gucci Mane ??)
02. Eminem - Freestyle
03. Eminem - Bootlegging
04. 50 Cent - Speaking On Beef With Jay- Z
05. Nas - Government
06. Styles P - The Streets Keepcallin Me (Hot !!)
07. Styles P - Keep The Burna
08. Lloyd Banks Ft Juelz Santana
& Trav - Get Down Like That
09. Jim Jones Ft Mysonne & N.O.R.E - Hmmm (Remix) Hot !!!
10. Juelz Santana & Jim Jones - Freestyle
11. Camron - Vado & Kayslay -Stop It (Exclusive)
12. Jim Jones , Dj Webstar - Omg
13. Camron Ft Vado - Harlem
14. Papoose - Paid A Grip
15. Dj Webstar Ft Ricky Blaze - Rex & Deion - Follow Me
16. Shaft D.A - Take It 2 The Top
17. Interlude - Wtf !!!
18. Snoop Dogg & Crooked I - Guess Whoæs Back (Hot !!!)
19. Gucci Mane & Pryme - Roll Another Blunt
20. T.I - 1 Hell Of A Life (Final Version)
21. New York City (Skit)
22. Taj Mahal Ft Alicia Keys - Ny
23. 50 Cent Ft Jadakiss - No Beef
24. Styles P & Sheek Louch - Double Trouble
25. Hell Rell & Jr Writer - Bank Brothers
26. Jim Jones - Fast Cars
27. Swizz Beats, D-12 - Ugly Bitch
28. Akon - New York City (Rnb 70)

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WHITEOWL DROP THAT SHIT. looks like a pretty solid track list as usual



As usual..Biggy jiggy can

As usual..Biggy jiggy can suck a dicky
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50 and jada???

ill dl just for that

yea dl for that stupid

yea dl for that stupid blurry interview/skit. what a fucking joke
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This better not be a gucci dis by lil wayne!!!

That homo faggot ass nigga wayne better not dis nobody!! If it is a dis this nigga more lamer than I thought! I bet he won't Dis Cassidy!! Cassidy will end lil wayne career!!! And cass keep calling him out. I see lil wayne gay ass know who and who not to pick a fight with!Johnny C
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Wayne would end Gucci's career

Wayne would Destroy Gucci's career, and why would cassidy step in the way? Wayne had came back at Cassidy lil dissez befo and Cassidy don't be replyin til like 4 months later n shit, after everybody forgot about the last diss and shit, i think Cassidy the one scared. But The Beef with Gucci and Wayne is growing every other mixtape it look like, i think it got worse when miss Omarion leaked tracks and was removed from Young money right afta and 2 weeks ago got that same track with Gucci on it with Wayne removed, except Omarion changed the track by just rappin on it instead of the fast talkin he was doin on it the first time.. look like he wanted that production no matter what, I compared that track between Wayne and Gucci and it's like Night and fuckin day.. Wayne Killed that shit Gucci just poked it with scissors.
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You a Homo

I think yo gay ass will fuck lil wayne !! Get off his nuts he is trash and his preschool rhymes!! Cassidy murdered him. That's what's wrong with rap now. Cause These nigga's dick riders. Whatever MTV says hot or whatever they say hot on the radio they listen too. And  #2 women are a problem because whoever they consider cute they say they can rap and nigga's be listening to that bullshit trying to please the women. Fuck that I have a mind of my own. I listen to lyrics not beats. My top 3 are 1 Cassidy 2 cam'ron 3 jadakiss Johnny C

"I listen to lyrics not

"I listen to lyrics not beats." Exactly, you listen to 1 aspect of a song. Lyrics don't make a song, thats just 1 element (key element obviously) but dude you need to stop being so closed minded. I'm sure you'll respond with some predictable shit like "YO SON YOU FUCKIN WHACK WAYNE DICK RIDER". I bet you just copy and paste your responses LMFAO. Whack bitch holding guns in a default pic. Shit man, you MUST be tough. Oh wheres your blunt?
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With Cam'ron in your top 3 I

With Cam'ron in your top 3 I know you only listen to lyrics cause he might have a lil skill, but he makes some of the most garbage music Ive ever heard. purple haze is wack as fuck and theres nothing you can say to make it hot...and sell one of them guns and buy a picture for your wall or a shelf or something
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you're gay. i'm going to go ahead and just ignore whatever you say because you're pointing a gun at a picture.
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Cam'ron in yo TOP 3?!

We can tell u like bullshit if CAM (outta all people) is in your TOP 3! He may be in my TOP 10 BUT 3?! Fuk outta hea
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Cam'ron in yo TOP 3?!

We can tell u like bullshit if CAM (outta all people) is in your TOP 3! He may be in my TOP 10 BUT 3?! Fuk outta hea
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havnt finished goin thru it

havnt finished goin thru it but so far it is pretty weak. & there is a lot of skits and jus talking trax. Kinda disapointing since it's been like 12 dayz o sum shit since 87
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finished goin thru

finished goin thru's....allright he's had betta. kept 19 trax. only jones song i liked was fast cares (trak 26). songs i trashed (1, 3, 4, 12, 15, 17, 21, 23, 28, 29) Most of those were just skits and talking trax tho. trak 28 Akon + autotune = terrible song lmao. trax 12 & 15 the whole concept 4 those songs r gay i mean comeon O.M.G & Follow Me On Twitter....fukkn stupid. in my opinion tape is 6.9/10
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Preach Brotha

Tell the truth go Phila all day