DJ Kool Kid & Red Cafe: The Arm & Hammer Man

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01. Red Cafe - Intro 00:22
02. Red Cafe Feat. Fabolous, Kardinal And Cocoa Chanell - Diddy Bop R 04:25
03. Red Cafe - Show Me Free 02:30
04. Red Cafe - Interlude 00:29
05. Red Cafe - Dump On Em 02:43
06. Red Cafe - The Game Owes Me 02:35
07. Red Cafe - Long Live (Sean Bell Dedication) 02:16
08. Red Cafe - Interlude 00:11
09. Red Cafe - Hat To The Back 03:53
10. - Unsiged Hype Mixtape Info 00:20
11. Red Cafe - What It Be Like 03:28
12. Red Cafe Feat. Cormega - Freestyle 02:16
13. Red Cafe Feat. Musiq - Buddy 03:55
14. - Party Info 00:30
15. Red Cafe Feat. Fabolous And Paul Wall - Jeep Shit 03:44
16. Red Cafe - The Truth 01:57
17. Red Cafe Feat. Jermaine Dupri - Fly As She Wanna Be 03:54
18. Red Cafe - Wildstyle 03:55
19. Red Cafe Feat. Tito - Imma Hoe 03:49
20. - Incredible DJ Crew Shoutout 00:16
21. Red Cafe - Fly High Remix 02:29
22. Red Cafe - Diddy Bop 03:08
23. Red Cafe Feat. Akon - Clack Clack 02:29
24. Red Cafe Feat. Beanie Sigel And Peedi Crack - Killin That 02:14
25. Red Cafe Feat. Lil Wayne And Juelz Santana - Hood Shit 04:16
26. Kool Kid - Contact Info 00:17
27. Red Cafe Feat. Rich Boy - Throw Some D's 04:15

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Red Cafe is da King!

Thank you very much for that! Red Cafe is in my opinion currently one of the best rappers. Too bad i could't find that "School of the Hardknock"-Song yet.

If anyone knows where i can find this one or on which mixtape it is pls tell me! Thx.

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Red Cafe

yeah red cafe he doin his thang

Red Cafe


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Street Mix (New Mix) -Diddy Bop

Has anyone heard or seen the torrent for the street mix of diddy bop.. cant find it.. but heard it on radio [and i live in the London!]
this dj has been playing it last year.. but i thought it wasnt his own mix.
Try Told You I Was Hot

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dude sounds like obie and I

dude sounds like obie

and I stay high and I still got my diploma and I still get that maggie on me like homer

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and i keep a field of that

and i keep a field of that grass like a farmer

Red Cafe is the

Red Cafe is the future...dude is sick!!

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classic mixtape,cafe go

classic mixtape,cafe go hard.STELIO