Wale - The Eleven One Eleven Theory


1. Wale - Theory 11.1.11 1 [01:49]
2. Wale - Fuck You [03:39]
3. Wale - Drums And Shit [01:30]
4. Wale - Chainmusic [03:11]
5. Wale - Lace Frontin' [03:11]
6. Wale - Mother Nature [03:08]
7. Wale - Barry Sanders [03:51]
8. Wale - Bait [04:20]
9. Wale - Passive Aggres-Her [03:27]
10. Wale - Fairy Tales [02:58]
11. Wale - Ocean Drive [03:58]
12. Wale - Samples And Shit [02:13]
13. Wale - Ambitious Girl 2 [04:14]
14. Wale - Let's Chill [03:45]
15. Wale - Pick Six [02:58]
16. Wale - Varsity Blues [03:49]
17. Wale - Underdog [03:34]
18. Wale - Podium [05:52]
19. Wale - That Way (Feat. Jeremih & Rick Ross) [04:21]
20. Wale - Globetrotter (Feat. 2 Chainz) (Prod. By Beat Billionaire)[04:13]

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Got a feelin' this is gonna

Got a feelin' this is gonna be dope "Can't label my flavor, can't categorize my fly jet set behavior"


prolly mixtape of the year right here. this isnt that ignorant shit that fills up this site. shit is nice. nobody fuckin wit wale and j cole

Good drop, hope the album is

Good drop, hope the album is just as good


im still bumpin more about nothin but this shit cool
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Hey you guys, I need to

Hey you guys, I need to blink. What do I do?


Niggaz like Wale & J.Cole bore me with thei bullshit lyrics.
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yea and wale is monotone,

yea and wale is monotone, sound like me english teacher smh

Garbage. Next please

Garbage. Next please
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This shit isnt good at all, every song is him rumbling about who knows what, what the hell happen wale
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Better than most shit that hits this site. So i guess it won first place in the special olympics. Next

check for this dude

this dude is one of the best young mc's out there, notice i said mc not rapper, this dude can talk about a subject other than drugs, plus he does it creatively and he can perform live very well, i saw wayne, gucci, and yo gotti live and they were trash, i think this dude compares with lupe, andre, nas, busta, mos def, talib, dead prez, and all the other mc's speaking about the real

Speaking about the real while he's signed to mall cop records.

LOL. This dude doesn't get respect in corny ass DC. Please.