Lil Flip - La Clover Nostra: Clover Gang


1.La Clover Nostra Intro
2.Str8 Up feat. 2 Chainz & Chauncey Clyde
4.Kill The Scene feat. Trap Frost & King Shermo
5.Feast feat. E.J. Carter
6.Everybody Move feat. Lucas Brightton
7.Let Em Take Score feat. Jim Jones & Big Shasta
8.A Day In The Life feat. Freon Icy Cold, King Shermo & Tyrone
9.Where The Party At feat. King Shermo
10.Destiny feat. 8Ball & MJG
11.Hop Out feat. Senistar
12.Love Is Blind feat. Trap Frost
13.I Do It feat. Young Nuk & Numberz
14.Mobbin (Yessir) feat. C-Note & King Shermo
15.Moon Rock feat. Trap Frost & Heavy
16.Everyday feat. Street Action
17.On Gang feat. E.J. Carter, Trap Frost, Poosty Lee, King Shermo, Ice, Boss & Chi
18.Ano Way feat. Freon Icy Cold
19.I Dont Know Her Name feat. Yung Ju & Rev City
20.Paper Or Plastic feat. Freon Icy Cold, King Shermo & Da Original AJ
21.Like H Town feat. Bone The Mack & Solar Slim

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