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What this U.K idiot said makes us look like idiots, shame to the country dumb pussy, but technically speaking, US president is Dual Heritage (Same as me). Also, ignorance I see lol do your research people, UK aint all tea n crumpets n all dat shit u people think we're about, do the research on the black people & you will see, white people over here aint really runnin shit, but yeh do ur research, black communities are large round here...

RE: Actually....

Dual Heritage as in.. not fully black, his mom is a white american, his dad is a black kenyan. (Not sayin u people are dumb im just explainin for the people that may not know!)

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Oh yeah a hood bum fight

Oh yeah a hood bum fight spin off...I love this shit
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Listen people i am new 2 this site i just wanted 2 know how i upload torrent i have alot of dvds ya might really like fighting and killing mad hood shit just let me know how i upload torrent on here if u want fire thx people


well after watching this *urban* fight vid in which a good 50% of the fights were of white high school kids I had to laugh. At least 4 of these brawls were ripped from bum fights and the nudity, which got my hopes up at the beginning warning, was one whole over sized black titty. The best part of this vid was between 15-20 minutes in where some chick wearing devil horns and tail ran out and hugged a fallen project combatant...That struck me as hilarious

ill have to go wit u on dis

ill have to go wit u on dis one... for a "gangsta brawl" dvd it was lame as hell

Land of the

Land of the free?? hahahahaah this joker is Hilarius!!!

yo wat ever happened

yo wat ever happened toghetto fights and hood fights. need sum more of dem darealsteve-o

yeaaaahh dis shits HARRDDD

yeaaaahh dis shits HARRDDD lool