DJ Drama & Curren$y - Verde Terrace

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01 Curren$y - Job
02 Curren$y - The Jet Business
03 Curren$y - Pinifarina
04 Curren$y - Hennessy Beach
05 Curren$y - Car Talk
06 Curren$y - Smoke Sum'n
07 Curren$y - Run Dat Shit
08 Curren$y - One For Da Wave
09 Curren$y - Sky Miles
10 Curren$y - Crack Bc
11 Curren$y - High Tunes
12 Curren$y - Music To Ride To
13 Curren$y - My Life Is A Movie
14 Curren$y - Ways To Kill Em

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Jets fool

all in all another good one from the big dogg spitta drama didnt fuck it up saying a bunch of bull shit #JETSGO

Spitta is always Auto d/l

Spitta is always Auto d/l for me good smokin' musik.

could of been better spitter!!!!!

this was a pretty decent mixtape but i expected more from him on this but its still pretty decent. I'm waiting for the wiz and currency smokers album with wiz
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Curren$y on some boss shit now

This nigga has made songs with so many producers within the past year it ain't even funny. Curren$y on his shit. This jus another one for the books. 8/10. ...@young_pimpin


Bitch niccaz catch feelings we catch flights. Jet lyfe nicca yeeah!!!
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I see he's sippin that fresh

I see he's sippin that fresh thick creamy Dday Milk

Gonna be a good week with

Gonna be a good week with this and the new game... JET LIFE TO THA NEX LIFE

Bumped from top? Now you know that's some bullshit...

This mixtape shouldn't jus be top 3 but yall can go ahead and put this up on the mixtapes of 2011 list. Along with Covert Coup. Just a suggestion. ...@young_pimpin


Damn i cant believe this shit its almost on page 2 already. C'mon fizzel wtf iz u smokin! Crack??
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What i wanna know is..

When is that nigga Roddy dropping a mixtape?? Damn that boy go H-A-M!!
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Wow this Mixtape gettin raves everywhere on the net, BET, and MTV but that aint enough to keep this from topping some Asian Black dude that can't rap?
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fast download, tight

fast download, tight mixtape. holla atcha boi
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just found this. every track 10/10 this is going to be on repeat for a while